Oh So Happy!:d

Kevin has been gone 8 days, and although that may not seem like a lot to people, to us Army girlfriends we understand that's an eternity! Well, good news! I got two letter in the mail today! Although I already had a five page message here waiting for him, I read his letters and added to mine in response to his. 6 pages in all!:D Hopefully he'll have time to read it. He wrote that he's having a good time, it's nothing like it is in movies and the only bad part is not being able to be with me and missing me. Before he left I developed pictures and had them laminated and he took them with him, he said he kisses me everyday and it helps him get through the day<3 he's so adorable!:D Now I realize I'm over here talking up my boyfriend.. But can you blame me! First letter since he's been gone, it's a big deal!:D Cannot wait for November 21st and I can see his lovely face.. OH speaking of.. that's another thing.. He texted me today while I was in school and sent me two messages and then sent me a picture of him in his uniform.. Cutest thing ever! He said the sergeants gave him his phone back for like five minutes? I wonder how often they'll be doing that, cause those texts made my day! I showed everyone and was like LOOK, that's MY boyfriend!:D Haha, I'm such a proud girlfriend.
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My love left the last week of August. And those times when I get to hear his voice, or see him tweet on Sunday's, or open the mailbox to his detailed letters my heart is filled with joy. So you have every right to be happy :)