When Love Is True, It Waits For You

I first met my boyfriend 5 1/2 years ago while at a boarding school (with a theraputic program) in New Mexico, I had just turned 17 and he was about to turn 15. I got there in April and first saw him just a couple hours after I got there, when I asked the girls I was living with who he was I got told to forget him, that he wasn't worth wasting my time over. Ended up spending time with him a few days later when our dorms got together to hang out (we lived in dorms with 9 people and our dorms always stayed together..so where one of us went, we all went). By the end of that time, that was it for me...he says the same goes for him. The end of May we went to prom together and then he left the end of June when the school year ended. After he left we stayed in contact through letters, then once I left through phone calls and facebook. In the last 5 years, we've talked repeatedly about wanting to get together, see each other, hinting at the idea of a relationship. After we both left the school, we ended up goin through a lot of struggles individually, so even though we both knew we wanted to be together, we also knew being together wasn't really an option, we just never came out and actually said it, we just never acted on any of our talks to go see each other. Three years ago, I met a guy at home that turned into a whirlwind relationship, fast moving...long story short he ended up becoming extremely abusive and I ended up pregnant. Just over 2 years ago I gave birth to my son who I've raised 100% on my own. During this time, the guy from my school and I stayed in touch, but backed off on talking about wanting to be together. It was more of we were there for each other anytime we needed to talk. Then about a year ago he signed with the Army, but went DEP instead of straight to basic. About 7-8 months ago him and I started getting serious about things again, talking relationships, what we both wanted now, what we wanted in the future, if I'd be able to handle/want to be with someone in the military. I basically just kept telling him the military wouldn't affect any relationship for me if that were to be the case...I fall in love with who I fall in love with, regardless of what their job is. We spent most of the last 7-8 months talking more in general terms of relationships, hinting at wanting to be together, but not directly saying it. He was originally supposed to leave for OSUT 2 weeks from now, but classic Army move, he found out Monday that he had 2 days to get ready and he shipped out Wednesday morning at 3am. We ended up deciding about 2 weeks ago that enough was enough, we knew we wanted to be together. He admitted that he's loved me for as long as he can remember, but knew he couldn't give me and my son what we both deserved. Now he can and he has every intention of doing so in every way he possibly can. We want a life together and we're going to make it happen. Since he left the school in June 2007, we haven't actually seen each other. We had made plans to spend this weekend and next weekend together - I was going to drive down this weekend and be apart of his life, meet his family...then next weekend he was going to come here, experience my life, meet my son, meet my family.. As much as I wish we would have gotten that time together before he left for OSUT, I'm okay with it at the same time - we never got used to having each other next to each other at night, so we don't have to get used to being alone again. Now I'm waiting to get his graduation date to start my count down to what is going to be an amazing memory. His graduation in itself is going to be a moment to always remember, I'm already so proud of the man he's become. His graduation will also mark sooo many other amazing memories for us - first REAL hug, first kiss, first night together...and the first day of the next chapter of our lives. We'll get the weekend together before it's back to holding until Airborne School..once he gets his orders and gets there, I'll be following him shortly after. My dreams at school can be finished anywhere, it's my turn to follow him and support him in his career. "The longer you wait for something, the more you'll appreciate it cause anything worth having is worth waiting for" Never knew that saying could have so much meaning. 5 1/2 years since the last time I saw him once his graduation is here - that's 5 1/2 years of love waiting to be shown to someone so amazing. <3 This journey will be hard, but I know with every obstacle placed in front of us, we're just going to come out stronger than before because THAT'S what true love is all about.
kntryarmylove07 kntryarmylove07
22-25, F
Sep 20, 2012