Fate Is Never Controlled!

I never understood the word fate until i walked into my Prince. We met at a dance club. One of his buddies had approached one of my girlfriends and engaged her in conversation. I, standing there, started to walk away when he approached me. We started talking and decided to go dance and let our friends carry on with there conversation. As we went into the club it happened to be around the time the DJ decided to play a slow song. He lead me to the dance floor where he proceeded to waltz with me around the whole dance floor. And in that moment of slow dancing with his arm tightly secured around my waist was the moment we fell in love.

The next couple weeks we continued to talk over the phone and get to know each other a little better. Finally after about three weeks he asked me out on our first date. Now a little tid bit i have never been on a real date. I never dated the right guys i always felt i was the one to fix my boyfriends so none of them were ever real winners. So being asked out on a real date was a thrill. After our first date we knew this was something special. Our relationship from that point just blossomed, we saw each other every weekend and went on every kind of date we could think of.

About a month into our relationship he asked me to go to a garden for a date, i of course agreed. As we are walking through the garden he said i have something to tell you. As you can imagine i was terrified of what he was going to say. He proceeds by telling me he was in the army and was headed for basic training in about 2 months, he also said he will understand if i can't wait for him and need to move on. I was very pleased to surprise him with my reaction. I told him i was very proud of him and would support him and stand by his side well he made this next step in life.

The next two months we continued to spend as much time together as we could together. He met my little girl who is now 10 months and i met his little girl who is 11 months (fate). Right before he left we went for a 3 day trip up north to spend some alone time together since we both have demanding jobs and two little girls to tend to. The trip was amazing and made it so much harder to say goodbye.

He is now at Ft. Jackson for basic training and has been there for about 5 weeks. I have planned my trip to South Carolina at the end of October to see him before he heads to Ft. Lee Virginia for his AIT.

I never imagined that someone i had met only 4 months ago would have such a substantial effect on me but this has been the longest 5 weeks of my life. I receive letters only about once a week and it seems like the other 6 days of the week im only looking forward to that letter. But i will see him in about 5 more weeks and it will make this whole experience worth it. I am proud to say i am an army girlfriend proudly supporting her man. PVT Draper is my dream and i plan to never wake up.
Lilybug1208 Lilybug1208
22-25, F
Sep 21, 2012