Im Gonna Start To Hate This "girlfriend" Title >= /

I REALLY REALLY hate that GIRLFRIENDS! of soldiers are not recognized! I was sitting here thinking none of my boyfriends family will be attending his graduation. Just me,my brother, and my bestfriend. Which means i can not sign him off base. like really? as much as i would love to steal him back id rather him be in the army rather then jail. My family is more supportive of him then his own ******* family is. Sometimes we GIRLFRIENDS are really only their main support. they wait 10 weeks to see US! we are the ones constantly writing them.....Of course i am not saying wives are not supportive or anything nor do i have anything against them of course.... I just do not like the fact that they make us seem dangerous lol (if you get what im saying) we have not saw our men in 2 months!!! why cant we get a a little alone time after their big day and on top of that we have to leave them for another 10-15 weeks..I know my baby will want some REAL food and a pepsi lol...but i cant even take him to eat = ( .(well unless there are good places to eat on base)..Im willing to take ANYTIME i can with my soldier it just would have been nice to have alone time away from the base!!
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i feel the exact same way!!! it's so frustrating!!! my soldier gets told all the time that he cannot have time off to see me because i'm "just his girlfriend" how can they expect us to build strong relationships if they don't let us spend any time together!!

Smh...its annoying but i know when God feels its right i will marry my soldier....we all will lol

Wait , so girlfriends cant go off base with their boyfriend in the graduation ?

Yes you can. You have to be over 18

OoooOo i was about to be sad all day lol .

Do u know if its for all bases because on one of there sites it says we have to be realted or a family member must me present..but im well over 18 lol

I know how you feel. Read my story about "army girlfriends" and you'll be able to relate to it too. But yeah we just need to suck it up and have a smile on our faces when we see them because even though we don't get recognized for ****, to them, we mean the world. Keep your head up sweetie :) he loves you

That's dumb. I'm sorry to hear that honey :/

yea i know right....