Does He Ever Let Stuff Slip?

Have you ever had a conversation with your guy and then had him slip and tell you something really gruesome that he or one of his friends experienced? We were walking in central park (no joke) yesterday and aloof a sudden he's telling me this horrible story about his friend clearing a room in Iraq, gory details and all. Has anyone else ever experienced one of these? How did you react or respond?
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2 Responses Oct 2, 2012

You heard it. Think how much more it effected him as he lived it. He needed to share it for some reason and chose you to share it with. It is a real part of him and inside him whether he shares or not. It can become a wall for some men isolating them fromt heir family and loved one. Many vets just wait until they can see their old comrades so they can talk to someone who understands. He probably wil nto make a big deal, but now you know him better. You know what he will be going back to and may understand if there is some withdrawal as that time approaches. He has to prepare himself for that life. And sometimes he needs something that will totally occupy him and suppress those memories for awhile. It is a good sign. I know it is not easy for you. It is even harder for him. As for a response........ There is nothing to say. Perhaps a touch, maybe holding hands or another gesture of acceptance. Just an openess to him to receiving who he is and what he has lived. Often times service men have secrets. They have this fear that if she really knew what I am capable of, she would not want me near her. Your response could indicate to him that it is OK. You love him and he does not have to live his life with the worries about what if you knew. LIke I said in answer to another story of yours. You have a good man and he has placed a lot of trust in you. He is something special and a lot of it is because of how special he thinks you are.

No my Soldier has been in the Military 28 years- he's very humble, very discreet. He spares details. I never ask, either, I let him initiate his experiences.