His Soldier Sweetheart

This is my first time being an army girlfriend. I've been an army girlfriend for about 4 months now. We've met on the computer and became friends instantly. I went to visit him and we had a blast together. We have known each other for a year now. He is now in VA for aviation school. He is graduating in Sept than he'll be home for leave. He is probably going to Fort Knox after his leave. Within the year I got to visit him 3 times it'll be 4 times when I see him graduate. Before when he was on reserve we would talk to each other. Now he is back in active I get to talk to few days a week. Its different and hard but I love him and I'm glad I'm his soldier girl :)

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1 Response Jul 13, 2008

Aww, this is my first time being an army girlfriend too. It sure is something new and really different, but yet so worth while. My boyfriend is at Fort Knox right now. Well Good Luck! If you ever want to talk you can msg. me. <br />
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=] Kayla