My Boyfriend Just Left Yesterday and I Feel So Broken Inside

Hi, my boyfriend, Steven and I have been together for 3 months. This morning, he just left for Basic Training to Fort Jackson. Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing that i've ever done. A lot of people doesnt seem to understand how much we love each other. I know that i've only been with him for a few months but i know that i love him and he loves me too. People think were crazy to fall in love so fast but theres just something about him that i cannot live without.

When i first met him, i knew he joined the army. I knew what i was getting myself into. I just didnt expect time to fly by so fast. Now that he left, i feel like my world has ended. It's hard for me to sleep, to eat, to go out. Everything reminds me of him. My friends are supporting me and comforting me.  They said everything will be alright but somwhere in the back of my mind, i'm afraid that things with me n him wont go back to the way they were before. I'm scared out of my mind, im anxious to know about the future.

I never expected that i would be an army girlfriend. It hurts a lot to not be able to see your boyfriend or hear from him. I dont know how i will be able to survive this. I'm scared that our relationship wont survive. What if he loves the army so much that his feelings for me will eventually deteriorate? What if he chooses his passion and love for the army over our love for each other? I feel so comfortable sharing my feelings and stories here because everyone here has experienced this before. I applaud every single one of you. I realize that to be an army girlfriend, you have to be really strong. I'm still trying to be strong for him but i can't help the tears from falling.

Also, i have a few questions that my boyfriend doesnt really want to answer. He's leaving for Basic right? isnt that only like 3 months? why did he say he was not going to come back until december or january? also, he said that when he comes back, he wasnt going to leave anymore. He was going to finish university for 4 years. is that possible? also, when will i recieve a phone call from him? and what's this i hear about him being able to use his cell phone? sorry if i'm overriding everyone with questions. I'm new at this whole thing and there's a lot that i dont understand. Please help me. Thanks.

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Hey my boyfriend is in the army and every day and night i been thing about him and we been dating for 2 months and its been hard on me i can't sleep and i were seen this necklaces that he gave me and i cant wait intell January 1-8-16 and every time i lesson to some music i just cry at u boyfriend and the army might chage his life around

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 magical years. We are very much in love. Like the notebook kind of love. We are perfect bestfriends and it feels like we were totally meant to be together. He left to fort Leonard this week for basic training. I can't explain how badly I miss him. We had the perfect last 2 days. I made to sure express my love and support . I love him with all my heart. I can't look at anything without thinking of him...its hard. I cry.. I'm asking god for strength. This is the hardest thing. He wants to marry me when he gets back and even has an engagement ring for me (my eddy can't keep secrets lol) I can't to start my beautiful life with him when he gets back.

I am in the same situation you was in. My boyfriend left Monday for basic training to Fort Jackson. I am just so scared that he will see somebody in basic training and he is going to leave. We love each other so much and we been dating for 11 months next moth makes it a 1 year for us . He told that he will be back in the beginning of December. When do they find out the address of where they are? Can anyone tell me how it felt when he came back.? I feel sad and Im so use to us talking and texting each other so now I don't have nobody to talk to at night except my mommy... I feel heartbroken.

This is the exact situation I am in right now... We've been dating for 3 months and he left In July for Fort Jackson...
What's difficult for me is that I'm leaving for college. We wanted to get married when he got back, but if I'm in college for the next 3-4 years while the army is moving him around and such, it won't work to get married yet. I'm scared that the army takes him away from me, too.

my boyfriend leaves for basic training in about two months..on September 23rd. and I try so hard not to think about him being gone.. I am still in high school, I have one more year. And after that year we plan on being together, living together and such. He's been so reassuring with me and telling me that it's going to be okay, because its only a year and then we'll be seeing each other everyday, he always tells me to look forward to that. I just am so scared of how I will be when he's gone..of course I'm going to cry...and be depressed for a while.. its going to be one of the hardest things ever. but I love him and everything is worth it.

okay so first question.. Hes probably going to be heading to his AIT school and thats why he wont be back till much longer cause that will add another 6 months to his 3 month basic training. he will only be allowed 2 or 3, 30 min phone calls throughout his three months and they usually come at the 8th week of training and around the 6th week if i remember right. trust me it goes by really fast once the letters you and him send to each other start arriving smoothly. the first few weeks are rough cause he has to settle in and he wont have much free time...Its okay we all start out new to this life style but its totally worth it. If you have any questions or just want someone to talk to you, you can always hit me up on here or email me at always love making new army girlfriends we need each other just as much as our soldiers need us...

i know exactly how you feel. my fiance of 3 years left the day before yesterday at 3am for BCT. i cryed when he left on the plane and still tears fall. basic training is 10 weeks. he is able to call within the first three days (72 hrs) of arriving at fort jackson (my fiance is there too). but they go through "in-processing" when they get there, and while you can send letters its not ideal since they are only there for a week and then they are transferred to their batallion which is where they stay for the remainder of the time. he cannot use his cell phone, but he will have chances to call. the calls are very rare and very breif. the best thing to do is hold out and wait for his letter first. you can also go see him the day before and the day of graduation. my fiance wont be back until april or may though. im not sure about your boyfriend, but in my case he is gone for BCT, he comes back for 2 weeks (for christmas and new years) and then leaves again to finish BCT. i would go to SC for his graduation. and then he leaves from SC to Virginia for AIT. which is and individual training. AIT is for 3 months. so in total hes gone for 5 months. im absolutely devastated. its so hard because we live together and the house is so quiet and even ghostly with him gone. i came across this website while trying to come to peace with him being away. i just try to keep in mind that he will be here for christmas and ill be receiving his letters and knowing hes ok. one thing that has really soothed my heart is looking at the moon. because i know that know matter how far he is, we will still be seeing the same thing, as it would be if he was here with me. i hope i could help you in some way. take care hunny. and dont worry, your not alone in your feelings. may God bless you both.

My boyfriend leaves October 16 .. I just found out on September 16 I am pregnant. We also havnt been together very long; only Since April and i too am already inlove with him. I cry everyday knowing he's not going to be here for me and the baby but in the back of my mind I know its better in the long run.

My boyfriend of 14 months left Sept 5th. It's been only about a week, and i'm a complete and total wreck. We always stayed at eachother's houses and were together ever single moment. I love him to death, and I am going to wait. But I just wish there was a way to make time go faster. He's gone 16 weeks in total. What will I do without him?!

Hi my boyfriend/fiancé (not really official yet) just left today for basic. Him and I have been together off and on for 1 1/2 years now. I miss him so much. Not being able to just text him or pick up the phone and call him when I need to. At first he talk about joining and never thought he was that serious. Then he got really serious about it. I know what your going thought. I'm new at this too. I have a friend who's fiancé left a couple weeks before mine did. So we have each in this.

My boyfriend left yesterday for fort Jackson also. Maybe our men will know each other!! But im having a very hard time also. I miss him so much already. It's gonna be very tough but I keep tryin to think about in the future when he comes back to me and finally we will live together and start our life. I know exactly what your going through and I think a really good thing is to be able to talk to people who are going through the same thing. Nothing will make this easier. Just keep yourself busy and think about how great it will be when he comes back to you!

My boyfriend and I have been together for like nine months and he left yesterday morning and he called me every time his plane landed and texted me while he was on the bus so it hadn't really sunk in that he left until today and I am so's so hard, I really miss him. He's going to ft. jackson too and i also heard he would have his phone and I know he will be busy but it is so hard not hearing from him. I also read that he will be able to call once he makes it through reception but the army website about ft. jackson said he would probably only have time to call one person and he'll probably call his mom but I wish he could call me too.

I am so happy I found this site. I felt so horrible that I was always crying the first week. My boyfriend has now been gone for two and a half weeks. Th second week I did better but this third week is taking a turn for the worse. I do not want to be sad the whole time. I just want to be strong for the both of us. But i cant help crying at night. We have been dating for three years now and we have never been separated this long. I always had him here for me. We even met at the restaurant I work at. So even work kind of makes me sad. I know once school starts and my dance year ( I'm a dance instructor for kids) I know this time will pass fast. But I just don't want to cry anymore. Everytime I get a call from him I cry from hearing his voice. I want to bring positive things to that phone call for his sake but it's just so hard. I am so happy I am not the only person who feels this way. I am also hoping I get to see him on his 36 hour pass after basic but I'm afraid my studio has something going on that weekend and I have to be there. I will feel horrible if I can't go.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. He left to bmt about 3 weeks ago. I have my moments but I know we will have a better life. This is the hard part. I have got to talk to him for 45 min. all together and i have got one letter. I write him everyday. I try to keep busy at school and i know doing good at home makes him proud. Its when u get those little calls or letter that helps you. And support from friends and family. :)

My boyfriend of almost three months is leaving for basic training july 17th for the navy. When i first time i found out about it i broke down and cried about it for a while the thought of the person im completely in love with is leaving me but its hard for him to. All i have to do is be strong for him and me, i dont wanna be sad the whole time hes gone, theres no need to be sad just be strong for him and you and everything will be okay.. I know alot people say we wont last because hes leaving but they cant tell me how i feel, they cant tell me about my relationship and that goes for any relationship, its just about you and him.. "No distance can keep me from loving you" the best quote ever, just keep thinking that whenever you feel down...

Hey guys! <br />
<br />
It's been four years since I wrote this blog about steven. So unfortunately Steven and I are no longer together. It had nothing to do with the training or him being in the army at all. I was a mutual decision to not be together anymore. We both wanted different things in life and he was reunited with his ex. I'm okay though! Don't worry! I've found my prince charming too :) Being with Steven four years ago taught me to be a stronger person and I had no regrets waiting for him to finish his training so that he can come back home. <br />
Gosh I can't believe it's been so long since I went on this website and read your guy's posts. Brings back a lot of memories. I just want to personally say thank you for everyone who has helped me through my hard time. I don't know if I would be the strong independent woman I am today without your advice and support. I want to continue to support and be there for you guys even though I am I longer with an army man. Feel free to message me if you want to talk about anything :)

I have the same problem only my boyfriend only went to cuba for vacation with some friends.. i find my self broken and torn im in the same boat as you. I read up and did research, its not just with him but previous boyfriends. i have always felt like this. I knew it wasn't normal. I am not a doctor but to me and to myself it sounds like separation anxiety.. i was a foster child taken from my mother quite a bit so it deffinatley grew into adult separation anxiety disorder, I am about to take action and get treatment and move forward since i finally found a label to my bizarre feelings.. you're not alone and it's nice to see i'm not either.

I'm going to be going through this soon in like a month. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and I don't know how to say goodbye or how I am going to stay sane while he is gone. He is the only person who understands me and I go to him for everything, I don't know what I'll do when he is away. I am so scared

I'm going to be going through this soon in like a month. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and I don't know how to say goodbye or how I am going to stay sane while he is gone. He is the only person who understands me and I go to him for everything, I don't know what I'll do when he is away. I am so scared

I'm going to be going through this soon in like a month. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and I don't know how to say goodbye or how I am going to stay sane while he is gone. He is the only person who understands me and I go to him for everything, I don't know what I'll do when he is away. I am so scared

My boyfriend is leaving for basic in a couple of months for 3 months and I am as scared as you!! :( <br />
We have nearly been together 3 months but I feel like it has been forever, I just feel so down lately and i don't know what to say because whenever I say i'm going to miss him he tells me to toughen up and just concentrate on school :( <br />
I'm scared for him! Did everything go well for you? How do you get through those months without each other and than go back to what you had before??

When I got to this thread and started reading these stories, I burst out crying. All of you ladies are so wonderful.. because you're right: You never know what it's like to fall for an army guy until it just happens. I met my soldier 2 weeks before he left, and and all of you are right to say that these relationships aren't just any old relationships.. I started bawling every night before I fell asleep 3 nights before he left. Alex left this morning at 6:30 for basic in Iraq. I'm 17 years old, and I went to school with tears falling out of my eyes at the thought of the army taking him away from me.. but when we fell, he promised me multiple times a day that he would come back for me. So you guys are right.. I'll be strong for him. I'll be proud of my soldier every day that he is protecting America.

My Fiance left for basics 8 days ago and i didnt think i can do it, but i know now that when i miss him its just getting easier each day, cuz even though its one day farther from when you have seen him its one day closer to the day you will see him again.. my Fiance says he cant use his phone.. and he also said he wud write but he dont but he is coming in at christmas so i am really excited to see him.. i feel in love with my fiance fast too we only have been dating since April 1st and i love him more than i do anyone else.. i know anyone can fall in love quick cuz i have.. He is best cuz he tops all the rest.. April Piercy<3'zShannon Nelson

hay ladiiess<br />
iv been with my boyfriend for a whillee but his leaving soon to do his training... i was woundering if it was possible for him to even maintain another relationship with a girl he might meet or one thats in the army with him.. im probably being paranoid and silly but i cnt help but not gonaa be there... girls are gonna chase after him and coz we arnt together... he could fall inlove and ill loose him forever... just wanted to know what you think about my situation and if u could be honest n help me out xoxoxo

right well ive been with my army boyfriend for 10 motnhs now and four months of them we're before he went to the army but i knew he was going before,<br />
im not going to lie to you, its hard.<br />
however i am from the british background of the army not american.<br />
it hurts, and it requires a lot of strength.<br />
well here goes my way of things went:<br />
<br />
he left for the army basic training when we we're on extreme rough terms this only because of how he was dealing with him leaving everyone and this was awful it wasnt<br />
till his leaving party the day before he left that we made up but it still wasnt the same.<br />
it was the most horrible feeling ever, and i couldnt see him for six weeks then untill his welcoming parade, however<br />
once his mum had dropped him there she rang me and explained that he wouldnt have his phone for a while, i cryed to her and she did to me etc.<br />
although he did have his phone and it wasnt till two weeks in that we got on back on track when he rang me pretty upset<br />
telling me that he as home sick etc, us as girlfriends were told that we were not alowed to tell them that we miss them.<br />
after that everythign was perfetic! seeing him after six weeks was amazing, his welcoming parade made me so proud and you will be too!!!<br />
i promise! something liek that is worth waiting for!<br />
then it started falling apart he changed to someone else because of the army was breaking him down and building him back up, we broke up.<br />
but he was on a weeks leave and the night before he left in the morning he came running round to mind and asked for me back,<br />
since then we have been going strong! and we are now 10 months, its so hard and all the feelings you are saying are normal.<br />
all of us are or will experience them! but you've got to be strong for you and for your solider. i could go into so much more detal but it<br />
would take me soo long and i would loose the point lol.<br />
but you will be so proud! and it is not like any other relationship AT ALL! because every single moment you get to spend together,<br />
is SO speacil! much more than any other relationship you wuld have experienced! every second every phonecall etc.<br />
you will be proud. we're all hear to help eachother! and im certainly here if you need a chat! ask for my email or number as this one on here is wrong if you need it.<br />
keep busy, and keep your head high! you are a miltary girlfriend! tougher than everyone else! <br />
no one can top how strong you are! and no oridanry relationship unlike us lot can beat what we have!<br />
been proud of your man! and we're all hear for you! just think of the good things, and it will come when you see him again!<br />
you will not loose him! he relies on you to keep him strong and to remind him everyday how speacil he is too you! he fights for you babe!<br />
your his everything!<br />
remember he will be back, and by the sounds of it he loves you dearly.<br />
all these feelings are normal. im waiting for my boyfriend to come back after a month already as he gets some weekends off now, it gets easier.<br />
and i still feel those things, its natural. we;re all hear to help!<br />
hope this helps<br />
sorry blabed on.<br />

hnwhiteside,<br />
<br />
I hate to say it, but being sad while you're man's away is pretty much unavoidable. Just make sure to talk to him as much as you can, and try to keep yourself busy. You know he's coming back to you, so just hold onto that feeling. When you actually get to see him again you'll be happier than you have ever been before!<br />
<br />
Just hang in there, and congrats on the upcoming wedding :)

Hey guys,<br />
<br />
I'm a little worried and need some advice. I'm in kind of a unique situation - I'm a senior in Air Force ROTC here in FL and my boyfriend recently just enlisted in the Army. We have known each other since we were in high school, but only started dating about 6 months ago. (He enlisted before we started dating). So when he left for basic we were only together for about 2 or 3 months, but we were head over heals for each other. I was nervous about him being away for so long, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wrote to him every day and I received a few letters and phone calls from him. Everything seemed great to me, and his letters and phone calls reassured me that he still loved me.<br />
<br />
But since he's been back from training he's been acting a little different. I don't know if its just his nerves or if he feels differently about me now. I know we are both worried about our relationship mainly because when I graduate I'll be an officer; and officers and enlisted people aren't supposed to be in relationships together. Plus he'll be stationed in Cali, and I have no idea where I'll be yet. <br />
<br />
He told me earlier this week that he wasn't sure if he loved me anymore. And we really haven<br />
t been talking too much since he's been back (I try to call and text him, but its like pulling teeth trying to get him to talk). We've been talking a little about the situation, and we both agreed that neither one of us wants to break things off, and we're just going to see how things go for now. But I'm really worried that he really doesn't feel the same about me anymore. I love him so much, and I can't stand the thought of loosing him. But I feel like things are about to end.<br />
<br />
Do you think his feelings really did change about me? Or is he just worried about our situation? Personalty, I feel confident that we can work things out no matter where we are and what we are doing. But he seems to think that our relationship doesn't stand a chance. I feel like I'm starting to guard my heart now as well, and I don't want to do that, but I feel like he might break things off at any minute.<br />
<br />
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

my boyfriend/fiance is still waiting to start infantry school. i miss him soooo much. we are so in love and will be getting married next june. :) i know he will be home soon but its still really hard on me. im trying to be ARMY strong but its difficult. and im wondering, how can i not miss him so much? how can i not get upset all the time? i just want this to not be so hard. :( we get to talk everyday all the time but his phone is broken at the moment (silly verizon phones haha) and i really want to talk to him. any advice on what i should do to not be so sad??

My boyfriend of five months left just three days ago for fort jackson and its the hardest thing we've been through we are pulling through though i hope everything works out for you like it is for us :]

my boyfriend of almost a year left today to fort jackson basic training.<br />
we are both just 18 but we been through a lot together and i never thought he<br />
would join the national guard<br />
in october i became pregnant and now i am almost 9 months, he will be gone for my sons birth <br />
but i cant do anything now :/<br />
anyway i been on the fort jackson web site so many times but the information they put there<br />
is much different than what people are saying on here, <br />
will he be able to have his phone?<br />
how often will he be able to call me or write me?

i just realized this was from 2008

wow... im reading this and tearing up, because its like if i wrote it... my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 months, spent every waking moment together, we r so comfortable with eachother and i know with all my heart that i love him, and he loves me. people always judge us saying u barley know eachother how can u love eachother, but its not like that at all, we are adults and this is the way we feel. my babe swore into the army the day before i met him... so i knew from the very beginning when he was leaving. and at the time i was like i can do this, it will be ok, but now that i feel so strongly for him and we are so close im wondering how will i get through??? everyone tells me to be strong but ahhhh its so hard. the days and weeks are going by so fast now. he leaves the first week of june and will be gone at basic training for 9 weeks and the day after graduation he is leaving to AIT for 14 weeks. so he will be gone for 6 months... i cant even imagine... but i love him so deeply, theres nowhere to go but move forward. it feels sooo good to know that there are other army girlfriends out there who are going through or have gone through exactly wat i am... like ur story is identical to mine! and it gives me hope to know that people get through it... good luck with everything!!!

Hi Vickie, don't worry too much about your soldier. He loves you and he'll come back to you. I'm in a similar situation. My husband and i met for about 2 weeks when we decided to get married. He's leaving for basic training soon and i knew exactly what i was doing when i decided to be with him. I have no fear in being away from him because i know we'll always have each other. I know it's hard not being able to see the person you love but if you really love him then distance won't be a problem. Being in a relationship with a soldier is different from having a "normal" boyfriend. It's like you have a stronger bond and everything but my best advise is dont lose hope in your relationship, as long as you love each other everything will be fine. I wish you the best!

Your story sounds a lot like mine. My boyfriend and i have been dating for 2 months and he left yesterday for basic. We are in love and a lot of people have judged us for that saying that it happened too quickly. But what do they know right?? lol. I can totally relate to what you're going through. Hang in there though! Good luck =))

Loves young dream. Come on now. Love is a feeling of happiness because the person you are with makes you feel good about you. This in turn makes you feel good about life in general. This isn't a bad thing. I was a british soldier for ten years. The long term question is this; does six months apart, warrant two weeks together? To do this once is an achievement but make no mistake, a serious soldier knows that the military is a single man's game. Can you stand this problem repeatedly?

My boyfriend leaves tomorrow for basic and I can't stop crying :( that's why I'm glad I found this website! It has helped already and I just joined..

god i have read so many posts about you ladies moaning about your fella goin away for a couple of weeks for get bout it get a grip and stop moaning if your fella is a proper soldier like me and dad then you will have to get used to him going to afgahn for 6 months maybe long and in that time you only get to see your family for 1 week <br />
<br />
im sorry how i have put it stright to ya but it is so annoying we are going out for the 6 months our families cope with it your guys go away for few weeks and your breaking down

Hello Vickie,<br />
<br />
When I read your story I got goose bumps because your story is so similar to mine and my boyfriends. We have been dating for almost 4 months now and we are also in love. I completely understand where you are coming from that people don't understand how you can fall in love so quickly. People say the same things about our relationship. But we both know we love eachother and we just don't listen to what others may say about it. My boyfriend just left for basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I agree with you that saying goodbye was the hardest thing. I don't think I have ever had to do something so difficult before in my life. We were both crying and just holding eachother. It was heartbreaking, it is a moment in my life that I will never forget. <br />
<br />
Reading your story makes me feel so sad to know the pain that I feel everyday is the same pain that you feel. I can't eat, sleep, or do anything without the constant reminder and pain of him not being around and not being able to speak with him. It really is the hardest thing in the world. You are not alone. I honestly know exactly how you feel. As if your entire world is falling apart. I feel it everyday. But in that pain there is hope because I know my soldier will becoming home to me soon and it will be so awesome to see him and hold him again. Being an army girlfriend is something I too thought I would never do. I never thought I would be a strong enough person to deal with the pain and lonliness. But if others can find the strength to do it and be strong for their soldiers then I have faith that along with all of my pain I can manage to be strong also.<br />
<br />
I am here for you Vickie and I feel your pain. Hang in there!

Trust me I was in the same boat you were this past June. Me and Travis dated for not even two months before he left for fort Jackson. I cried for three days and nights. It was so hard watching him leave. For months I never heard from him until I recieved a letter. I was so overjoyed. He will not be able to contact you for a while though, but the good news is me and my BF are looking to the future together . Hopefully we will get married like he told me this past time he was in. Yea he is in for basic for only about three months but once he graduates from basic if it's the same with Travis he will have to go straight to his other training base. Luckily Travis came in for one night, one measly night before he had to go to Fort Gordon. Then I didn't see him again for another couple of weeks when his mom drove down and I got to go with them to visit on a weekend. It is so hard to deal with him being gone. I try and keep busy like having two jobs plus volunteer work plus going to college full time. Trust me your relationship will change but it will be for the better not worse. Just try and keep him in your prayers and hopefully God will listen. All of my friends thought I was crazy because I fell for him within two weeks of dating. Even when we wasn't dating we said we were going to marry each other, but of course we were friends for quite a while. Just keep your hopes up and try and make the next few months go by fast :)

let me tell you something, I met someone that is in Iraq right now. I have talked to him for a few months now. I never thought i would have fell for someone over the internet but i have. He is about ready to retire and wants to have someone here for him when he comes home. I understand about it being hard. I have several pictures and i have heard his voice but i have never talked to him on the phone. This is hard when u see on the news a bombing at the camp where he is. My man is a Coloniel. He wants to take a personal leave this month. He is afraid they are going to extend his time over there. He has been there 13 months all ready. If his unit comes home it is a free ride but if it is a personal leave they have to pay for the trip. $2100 when they are over there they can't get to there money, how do i come up with that much money before the end of Janurary.

I don't exactly know how you feel yet, because my boyfriend leaves for basic in ten days. But, I can't sleep this morning and just found myself crying listening to a song. So I figured this website could help me gain strenghth. Me and him have been together for three years (exactly a month after he leaves) and we have been through EVERYThING only 17 years old and I can honestly say I feeel like were in love. Yes, I know I'm young but we've grown so close together and we both are committed( never cheated). He's always mentioned the army and airforce and how he wanted to join when he turned 18 , I've never took him serious. And now he leaves in just a few days for basic. I try not to bring up the subject to him because I GEt SO emotional about it, and I try to makehim think I'm "happy" for him since it's basically his dream.. I seriously do not no what I'm gettin into. Like will I talk to him, what he's going to be <br />
doing, what basic even really is. All I really know is he leaves January 6th , in Missouri, for 14 weeks. He is becoming a engineer or something. They've said he gets deploid in 2011,(even bigger step) I've heard that they automatically tell them to "not be in a relationship" and my boyfriend is always dedicated to something if he really wants. it. And I can tell he is really excited about this. I'm<br />
worrying myself into thinking he will change his mind about<br />
our relationship. We trust each other completely but he <br />
keeps saying, "I'm there without girls and your here with <br />
guys everywhere, it's 14 weeks then a whole year, your <br />
going to move on and have too much fun" I don't no how to <br />
make him feel different. I think if you guys can help me out <br />
and talk about what y'all have expireienced then I can feel much better about the sitution and even also help give advice. I picked a random site, joined and now I just want to keep updated, these stories are great and I think I'll relate! T

your story hit me because my boyfriend, named steve... is leaving july 20th for basic. i joined this website so hopefully i can be prepared for the worst! the only thing i can really help you with is... you love him which means you can do this! because you love him your strong enough to make it through all the bumps in the road together! Keep your head up! and make sure you keep busy!

I am in the exact same situation. As we speak my boyfriend is on his way over to my house...and this will be the last night together. Although, he is leaving for a bit over two weeks, he comes back for Xmas then leaves for 3 months. He told me he loved me last night...and i couldnt say it back. Not because i dont love him, but because im scared that somehow it will ruin our still developing relationship, as we have only been dating for a month. I want to tell him tonight. He makes me feel amazing and he fills a hole inside of me thats been there for too long. But anyways...we have talked about how were going to communicate. We decided that i will wait until he contacts me because i dont want to interfere with anything. We also decided no texting because its way to inpersonal. So letters and emails...i dont know what its going to be like when he leaves. There will be many sleepness nights i know that for sure. I just keep thinking that when hes gone i have him to look forward to. And like friends think im crazy, and all of that. I try to ignore them, because they dont know what we have. In the end its not what people say that matters...its your heart and what you feel, no matter how well your friends may know you.

Hey, <br />
My boyfriend just left last monday to go to basic..and we have only been together 3 months also. i know how you feel. My story is justttt like yours. If you are both strong enough you can get through it. Sometimes being away from each other makes you appreciate your time together and makes your love stronger. All you can do is hope and be strong enough to get through it. Haha it sounds corny but Army wives is a great show to watch especially when your in this situation. It gets you through lol. If you need to talk I'm here :) i could use someone who is in my situation to talk to so im sure you could too!

Hey girls! My situation is a little bit different than everyone elses. Chris and I actually only met 4 days before he left. It was like an instant attraction, we both knew that we liked eachother alot. I knew when I met him that he was leaving and didn't wanna let myself get attached, but im sure you all know how that goes...and of course I got completely attached. before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye, the last time we saw eachother was an amazing night, he told me he would come back to me. But when i asked him if he wanted to make us offical before he left he said he wasn't sure...and as luck would have it he ended up having to leave before he thought so the last thing I heard from him was that he would try to call and that they only thing he could say was that he would return. The only reason I can think of why he wouldn't want to make us offical was because he was scared that if god forbid something were to happen that he would leave me behind...any other ideas, agreements, or disagreements? I really wanna wait for him like I said I would but this is all just so hard, my best friend says that she saw something between us that was indescribable...and i felt that too, but its always great to hear that someone else saw it too. he's definitely one of the most honest and genuine people i've ever met and he actually looks into my eyes when he talks to me. I haven't felt this happy in so long, but im having a hard time dealing with the fact that there was no other answer before he left besides he wasn't sure....he just left yesterday for Iraq and said the earliest he would probably return would be around christmas...does anyone know about how long it will be before he's allowed to use his cell or make phone calls? any other advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. my appologies for the length of this post. best wishes and lots of strength to those army gf's out there, you never know how hard it is until you fall for a soldier boy :(

My boyfriend is still in processing and he leaes for boot tomorrow.<br />
He's only been gone for about a week and I feel soo blaah.<br />
Some days I''m good and somtimes I think the most horrible thoughts.<br />
<br />
But this site makes me feel so much better and helps me get from day to day

I know how you feel. my boyfriend just left for basic training at fort jackson about a week ago. im like dying. i feel lost without him here or even to talk to me. he did get to call me the 2nd day he was there though which helped me alot. i miss him so much too:(

Let me tell you my story. My boyfriend of 11 months left to go to basic one week and one day ago. It has been the hardest thing i've ever gone through. i know exactly how you feel. i was reading your story and crying because i finally see im not the only one. tonight was the first night since we have been dating that we havent talked. it is extremely hard to deal with that. but think of it this way. he is there not knowing anyone, people yelling in his face, and him being told what to do every minute. you are wherever you are with friends who are supporting you. it's a lot tougher for him i promise you. but just know there is someone else just like you going through the same thing. but always remember abscence makes the heart grow fonder! we can do it! i know we can!

my boyfriend just left to basic in ft leonard wood on the 18th and im so devestated. we did everything together. i dont really know what to expect. does he get to call every sunday?<br />
will he get to come home for christmas? i dont know anything about this.

Hi Vickie, <br />
I had those same questions when my boyfriend left for basic about two months ago to Fort Leonard Wood.The way you are with your boyfriend we were the same way.We fell in love really fast and we knew we loved eachother very much.Everytime we talked about him leaving, i would hate talking about but thought to myself it's so far away.And time DID fly by fast.Right after he left, i missed him already and wanted him to come back.After about two weeks he'll be able to call you.My boyfriend got to make one phone call in the beginning but he called his mom but they get to call again later..Anyways, i was scared when he came back he wouldn't want to be with me anymore cause he would want to focus on the Army but i would talkto him about it.You don't know what the future will be but all you can do is be there for him and support him.Write him as much as you can because getting letters will mean alot to him and let him know you love him.It is hard at first but you willl be okay.I didn't know know how i was going to deal with it because me and my boyfriend was always together but it goes by fast.He's already coming back in two weeks.It's the best feeling knowing you'll get to see him again.If he has AIT after basic then he will probably leave again after basic graduation.But if not he can go back to school.Then at a later time, He will go to Ait for about two months.Usually every Sunday he will get to call and he should be able to use his cell phone though they take it back.Sometimes during the week he will get to call but only for a few minutes.It is hard but it gets easier but always have your cell phone on charged and near you cause you never know when he gets to call.But i hoped i helped you!

you know what i do remember my bf saying something about having a cell phone, but he didnt take his with him. Im know it's hard having a bf in the military but i know you can do it! if you love him anything is possible. Dont let other people discourage you about your relationship with him. that'll drive you crazy... listen to your heart. I'm going through the same thing as you, if you wanna talk just message me.

Hey! I understand what you mean when you say that people dont understand how quickly you can fall in love with him i've only been with Joe for four months now but i love him with every bit of my heart. Being an army girlfriend is so different from having a "regular" boyfriend... everything just seems to move so much faster with the relationship! And you can do it!!! Just stay strong, he needs you to strong for him and for your relationship. I'm not 100% sure but the reason he may be gone that long is because after basic they have AIT (advanced individual training) and hopefully you will here from him soon i know it can take awhile.... i cant fully appreciate what your going through yet i didnt start to date joe untill after he was back from basic but he is leaving this Saturday for AT for about three weeks and i know its gunna suck saying goodbye to him and in about 6 months he's leaving for iraq for a year :( but i hope this helped message me if you'd like to talk more!

my bf left for the same place 3 weeks ago i rember like yesturday i didnt like the goodbye. But dont worry youll get though it. If dont get anything in the first week dont stress out it takes almost a week too get one i didnt letter till his 2nd week.

I know being an army girlfriend is so much different than being a regular girlfriend. You can and will get through this. I have lots of faith in you!

Aw, your story sounds so similar to mine. My boyfriend left for basic about a month ago. I'm just now starting to calm down over him leaving. I was so lost whenever he left because nobody could tell me when to expect a letter, a phone call, or anything. I had so many fears that he was going to forget about me. Even when I would talk to my brothers they would say that he was going to be so busy that he wouldn't have time to think about me or anything and not to worry about it. Of course, that made me even worse. BUT...the day came that I received 3 letters from him, and his words assured me that he loved me. As of now, I've gotten to talk to him on the phone for about 16 minutes all together and I've received 14 letters :] Trust me, it does get easier. My advice for you, right now, is go ahead and start writing him letters. Let him know how much you miss him and tell him how proud you are of him. It will make you feel so much better :]

When I met my Jon he had already been through basic so I cannot answer your questions :/ But I do want to tell you that we have only been together for two months and people say the same thing. Mine is coming home tomorrow from 3 weeks at annual training. He's being deployed to Iraq in October. My closest friends tell me Im crazy. But I dont think anyone can truly understand what it is like to fall for an army boy until they have. Theres just something different about it. The severity of your situation makes you cherish each other even more than you normally would. Knowing that in a short period of time he will be away from you makes the time you have with him more amazing. He might be excited about the army, might even love it, but it is nothing compared to what he feels for you. Im sure he is thinking about you all the time too. Hang in there! He'll be home soon! WHen he gets back, you'll cherish every minute with him and will make it all worth it :)

First off hun, you can do this! Trust me! Know that! Ok next, it is fine that you guys fell for each other so quickly. You can't help who you fall for and how fast you fall for them. You have friends that are supporting you. Lean on them for help. I wish I had that. I have myself and the ladies here. Even my best friend told me that this isn't going to work. That killed me. I didn't listen to her though and found strength to prove her wrong. I know it is hard to go out and do stuff. First few weeks are def the hardest. It does get easier though. Soon the weeks will be flying by. Just wait until you get the first letter from Steven. The joy a piece of paper can bring is just amazing. Please do not think that Steven is going to choose the Army over you. He loves you and would never choose. Distance is only going to help build your guys' relationship. And it helps you appreciate the time you guys have together when he gets home. You guys can get through this.<br />
<br />
As for your questions. Basics typically last 9 weeks. Then most of the time guys leave for AIT, aka job training, for 13 weeks which would put his time just about December or January. When he gets back he will probably be able to go back to school and do drills on the weekends. At least that is what my brother did in the Army. As for phone calls, that all depends on him. The guys during basics will have time that they can call their families so he might call you then. Also as a reward for doing well they can receive a pass which allows them to have their phones. My bf is at Jackson right now so that is how they do it there. Once he goes to AIT they should have nights and weekends free so you'll be able to talk to him more then. Basics is hard since phone calls can be rare and letters can be slow to get there. Ask as many questions you need to hun. We are here to help each other. <br />
<br />
Hopefully that answered all of your questions. Just remember hang in there hun. Find support in your friends. They will help you get through this. We are here for you too. If you need to talk, def drop me a line! Keep your head up and stay strong. Best of luck girl! <br />
<br />
Lys :)