He Called;something To Be Thankful For

All day iv been missing my soldier Dalton it's the first holiday since he left 4 days ago (including today) so what is usually a happy holiday for me has kinda been moody for me until my phone rang and his name was on the screen :D he told me that he is in processing that he'll be finishing shots 2mrw then on Monday and Tuesday , he will officially start basic on wednesday :) when he left I made him a notebook with little journal entries I wrote a few days prior to him leaving and poems I found relating to being apart and the military I put pictures of me and his friends in it and some of me and him like my current profile picture and pre written and enveloped letters for his birthday on the 30th and thanksgiving,I was so releaved when He told me they let him keep it :D because it also had envelops and my address in it :) he also got to keep the pocket watch I got him ,I have the same one set for Georgia time and his is set for Illinois time :) it makes me happy knowing that hell have those things to remind him how much I love him, he told me that soon as he is officially in basic they'll send the letter with his mailing info and his graduation date (which my uncle was talking about taking me to :D)
He told me about how much he loves and misses me and I told him that the next thing I was about to say was super important and to remember it no matter what, I told him that if the letters don't get sent to him as fast as they should or their being held or whatever the circumstance that if he dosent hear from me to NEVER EVER think for a second that I'm giving up on him ever, he had to go right after that but he txtd me saying that he isn't giving up on us either and to write that in my letter so he'll always have reassurance :) if felt so great to hear his voice, and know that iv been in his thoughts just like he was in mine and that I was the first person he thought to call and write :) it's really something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving,I hope everyone is being strong and thankful for their soldier like I am hang in there girls Christmas leave is soon!
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That is so great to hear! :) Where is he training?
I also got to hear from my boyfriend today too, who left this past Monday for bct in South Carolina. I woke up to him calling me, and it was automatically an amazing day! He's also in reception right now and will start basic training on Monday. :) And yes! I cannot wait for Christmas to get here so we can see each other again!
Stay strong! :)

Aha Daltons at fort benning Georgia :) it made my day i was like sad alll day cuz he wasn't going to be here then he called :) but yeah his reception will be over wednesday he begins basic wednesday I can't wait cuz he said when he starts basic he can send me letters :)

That's awesome and great to hear! :) Hang in there! If you ever need to talk, I'm here as well as many others! :) Good luck to you and Dalton!