I Feel Bad For Feeling Sad

So as some of you know, my (now fiance!) is deployed in the middle east. I miss him so crazy and cry a lot. But I feel bad for doing that. I know I am a lot more fortunate than a lot of girls.
You see, for one, I am able to Skype him EVERY day. Many times twice a day with the 9 hour time difference working out well. When he gets done with PT in the morning, it is my evening (I never go out at nights.. I'm lame haha) and we talk for the hour before he works. He gets off work in time to call me and wake me up in the morning - we talk as I get ready for school. There are those days he can't talk, and I always get a pit in my stomach when that time comes around and he isn't online.
I have also heard of many families who are not supportive. Though my side is not too fond of the situation, his family is great. In fact, him step-mom literally just dropped me off homemade turkey noodle soup because I am sick.
He is not in a super dangerous area. I mean, for one he's a mechanic. So most of the time he's on the Army base which is inside the Air Force base which I believe is inside the local military base. For another, he's in a "non-combat zone". He still gets hazard pay, but no one is allowed to carry their weapons (which actually makes me worry more).
But I still miss him. I only got two weeks with him (we met in a crazy fashion through the internet and I only got to physically see him on his half-way two week leave [I know, we are crazy ^^]). When we Skype, he's in his bunk and the light never gets to him. So I spend all day talking to this black outline .. and I can't tell you how much I love that black outline! Just to be able to see him. But I miss hugging him and telling him to go shave because his prickly face hurts. I miss my OCD freak outs every morning because my room was SO messy because he is an unorganized ... guy.
I know I have it a lot better off than pretty much everyone else here, so I hate feeling so sad. It's just really tough, you know?
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Well, congrats on getting engaged! That's wonderful! And I wish I could Skype my bf. But, I'm extremely happy right now because I got to talk to him today for the first time, and it wasn't for 5 minutes either, it was for 40! I was literally in heaven. Who knew just hearing his voice would have that affect. But I understand how tough it is. No matter how much you see them, you just always want more. It's normal, but he'll come home soon enough. Enjoy the talks you get to have with him, I'm jealous :p