He's All Mine

I went away to school in August to meet what is now somewhat of a best friend. One weekend she told me she was going home to say goodbye to her brother who was leaving to go back to base and she asked me if I wanted to come with her. Of course I said yes...best decision of my life.

It was literally like something out of a movie. I saw this man for the first time and just knew that he was going to be mine. Turns out he felt the same way about me. That night after he left to go back to base i added him on fb. He accepted and messaged me so quickly I was shocked. He asked if he could call me on the phone and again I said yes.

You could say that phone call changed my life. Thats when he told me that I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and that he needed to be with me. I was so happy at this moment, it was like a dream come true. The only problem is after talking on the phone for over 3 hours that night...right before we hung up..he told me he was getting deployed in 2 months.

I remember that night like it was yesturday. I didn't cry..i wasnt sad...i just had no idea what to think or what i was getting myself into.

A month later of skyping or talking on the phone every night, he came to visit me for a weekend. Things could not have been any better between us. We went out to eat we hung out with his friends and family. All was perfect in the world...but we all know that cant be possible..While i was with him, i got a 5 page text from my friend and his sister. After her telling me she was okay with us being together for the past month..she decided she wasn't okay with it anymore. She told me that I am a horrible friend and she cant believe i was stupid enough to believe that she was okay with it.

Honestly i was torn...he asked me to be his girlfriend the night before he left to go back to base again and i said no...

When i got back to school i ended up switching rooms because of what happened with his sister. I only had a month to decide what i was going to do...Be with the love of my life, or forget him and make things better with my friend.

I thank the lord everyday because my friend apologized to me a couple weeks after this incident and told me to be with. I called him immediately and told him i want him and just him, no one else. we "officially" started dating 2 weeks before he left for a 9 month deployment in Afghanistan. I know that it was the right decision though and I love being here for him supporting him and loving him everyday :)

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That a really nice story and its weird because its kinda like when i met my boyfriend. My best friend invited me to go to her beach house with her and while we were down there her brother brought his friend down who my friend had known all her life. Immediately I knew that he would be mine and later that week i added him on facebook and we started talking. We went on a couple dates and he asked me out within a month. My bestfriend didnt tell me she didnt want me to date him and just stopped talking to me all together. I was really bummed and tryed to talk to her. when school started in the fall she came up to me and appologized and now we are talking and hanging out again. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now and he just enlisted to go into the Navy, He is leaving for basic in June and im not looking forward to him leaving for training and later on deployments. I know that your boyfriend is in the Army and mine is going into the Navy but we are both military girlfreinds and i was just wondering if you had any advice or helpful things to say to me. I'd really appreciate it!

aww so happy to hear everything worked out in the end :) As far as advice you need to realize that you are so much stronger than you think you are. even if you begin to have a really hard time don't let him know that your struggling. It is going to be your job to support him because he is gonna need it just as much if not more than you are. Always let him know that you love and care about him. Always let him know that your thinking about him too. It is going to be hard but even just talking on here to me or anyone else going through this kind of thing will help you out. The thing i found hardest for me is to not stop living my life since hes left. I've begun to not go out and i just like to be alone and do my own thing, but then i end up in my house all alone just worrying about him and start thinking bad things. So definetly find something to occupy yourself with and write A LOT of letters. Dont think that your being annoying by sending him like 5 letters a week. Trust me, hearing his name get called for mail will boost his mood at anytime.

Thank you so much for the advice, i really appreciate it! I think the thing i worry about the most is feeling like i cant do anything and im gunna try my best to keep myself preoccupied and go out and not stay at home but I dont know what will keep me going when i feel depressed or down and theres nothing to help. Other than that i will take all that youve said and do it when hes gone.

I love this story!

Great story I have a dude of mine going to Afghanistan,really scared.

It is scary! dont take any time you have to see him or be with him for granted because right when he leaves you will already begin to miss him.

Mine left today without telling me he left a letter,we even had a fight the night before I feel awful.

:( i'm so sorry! Just stay strong. Im sure he had a reason not to tell you. Don't dwell on the fight you guys had and try to contact him when you can. I'm here for support whenever!