I Love Em' And They Make Me Crazy

His parents are fantastic and god I love them.. But they have the issue I use to have.. They want to know the exact day my man is coming home, when his plane leaves there and when he will get home, what countries the plane will stop off at and how long he will be stuck there.. That's so top secret that he doesn't know, and they r convinced that he does or he should.. It's driving me crazy cuz his dad served a war and he knows that planes and stuff are a secret for their own safety.. I do not know what day he is leavin and when his plane will get back to the states, I know the week he should be leavin but I do not know when he will for sure be back.. It's sad because I'd like to know so I could get a plane ride to the other side of the country (where he is based) to see him get off the plane but I know I can't because he won't be able to tell us until 24 hours before he will be landing in the states an with it bein around the holiday season there is noooo flippin chance I will see him get off the plane.. And this makes me very upset and extreemly sad but I know that's the way it's gunna be.. I will be notified by his parents when he will be landing, then be notified that he has landed safely.. And that's all I will get.. And all his parents will get is the official notifications and that's all they will get.. Now I have except all this yet his parents won't.. And it's drivin me up a wall cuz I'm the one that gets to hear bout it.. I just want him in the states safely, cuz that's all I want.. That's all I want!
Raa2013 Raa2013
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012