An Army Baby...

So tonight during mine & my boyfriends call he asked me to stop taking my birth control! my jaw almost hit the floor lol he even told me to take a pic of my birth control everyday so he knows I'm not taking it! I asked him 500 times if he was sure this was what he wanted & he said " babe I've never been more sure about something in my entire life, I'm going to try to get you pregnant when I come home" lol are we crazy for planning this out?! I told him there's a chance it could happen & there's a chance it won't happen but he still wants to try! Omg I don't even know what to think lol I'm kinda excited but nervous at the same time! Has anyone else gone threw something like this?!
ArmyGirlfriend12 ArmyGirlfriend12
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

omgosh congrats on going to that step! mine basically ordered me to do the same. but i dont want to just yet till the marriage happens and when gets back from deployment. only because i still live with my parents and even if we get married i still plan on not moving in with him till i finish school.

I'm kinda excited lol still in shock that he asked me to stop my pills! I live on my own aside from my best friend renting a room from me & he's not being deployed after all he should stay at fort sill til Sept (:

i see. yah after this semester i have i believe 2 more years and he does know its important for me to finish.