How Do I Make The Tears Stop?

My boyfriend is still here in the states, so we are still able to talk on the phone. Last night, he called me when I was laying in bed crying. He said I sounded "tired" but I think he knew. I really don't want to keep doing that. We will be able to skype while he's away and I don't want him to see my like that every time! I keep myself distracted throughout the day with work and spending time with family and friends at night, and even talking with his family. But once the lights go out and the room is dark and quiet, that's when I break down. I'm hoping things will get easier as time goes on. I just stay positive as much as possible and keep in mind that once he is home, we will start our lives together.
MelMike20 MelMike20
26-30, F
Nov 28, 2012