AHHH!! Okay, I totally need to vent. Before I say anything, I would like to point out that I completely support my soldier in everything he does and his choices and I love him dearly. Sometimes this lifestyle just drives me crazy!!! I am very well aware that I am choosing this, but that doesn't mean we aren't aloud to get frustrated right? The way I see it is our soldiers CHOSE to become soldiers, and they went to basic to be trained. Yes, we also CHOSE to be military s/o's, but where is our training?!?! Haha I mean we are pretty much just stepping blindly into this, am I right? The connection and love that is shared between my soldier and I is so beyond worth the hell we put up with, but man sometimes it seems like I am going to go crazy! Some days I feel like I wake up thinking "I can't do this, but I am doing it anyway." I got to see my soldier for the first time in 4 months 2 weeks ago. It was the best weekend of my life so far(: but I have to say, since I dropped him off at the airport I find myself becoming more and more frustrated. I appreciate every second I can see him or even just hear his voice or read a text but I can't help but still be frustrated with how much I miss him. We have talked about this a little but I only once, since I definitely do not want to make him feel bad or guilty or like I am regretting this decision, because that is definitely not the case. I will always stand by my man, but it's okay to be frustrated too right?
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18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012