Well, Here's My Story.

I started dating my boyfriend on my 15th birthday, he is only 6 months older than me. There were some things that happened that allowed me to move in with him shortly before I turned 16 and we were both forced to grow up extremely fast. Within a year after that, we both moved in with my mom, both worked and were handling bills just like adults do. He's been by my side every step of the way and I honestly can't see my life without him in it, and not because he's a 'habit' (sadly, people have tried telling me that's the only reason we're still together). Well, I'm now 18 and he just turned 19 on November 26th, and unfortunately I wasn't able to spend his birthday with him. He left for basic on November 19th and it's extremely hard to keep my mind off of him not being here. I wake up every morning and roll over thinking he's there and get disappointed that he's not, like I dreamt that he left or something. His dream has been enlisting since he was a kid, so I knew throughout our entire relationship that he would be going, I guess I just never imagined that it would be this hard. I started keeping a journal since the day that he left and volunteer for extra hours at work to try to keep myself busy, but it's just not working. Any support, advice, coping ideas, ANYTHING, would be nice at this point would be appreciated since both my and his family just keep saying "it'll get easier," like they know... Thanks in advance for any comments!
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I spent 21 years in the Army with far too many separations (combat tours, Army schools, etc...). If it helps, particularly from what I remember in Basic, I'd put money he is hurting just as much as you. Whether it was at Basic or in Iraq, my thoughts of my wife were nearly constant.

Trust, and maybe find some comfort, in knowing that as you look up into the night sky, someone on this earth is doing the same and feeling the exact same way about you. You ever see a movie where the guy is in one place...sitting, looking away in the distance thinking about her; then they cut to the girl who's in a different place, looking off in the distance feeling the exact same? It's kind of like that - these are the situations that put relationships in perspective - so much so, I wonder if my problems have anything to do with her and I NOT having any absenses anymore (retired in '09) - we always used to come out 10 times stronger after realizing so acutely how much we missed each other.

Hang in there, look into the night sky - feel lucky you have someone in this world who's doing the same.

Good luck!

Hey girl! I am 19 and I feel like we are both in the same boat. We are young and in love....and the distance and time away really does stink. I've been told multiple times that it'll get easier but I don't find that to be true. It is hard being away from your other half and you missing him so much just goes to show that he means a lot to you. Don't give up because I promise that the time you spend away from him will be worth it when you see him. If you need anything or want to talk feel free to message me!

Thank you! I actually got my first letter from him today and just started bawling my eyes out, out of both sadness and joy. It's nice to be able to relate to someone. How do you deal with things while your guy is gone?

Aw yayy! Happy for you! and i totally agree. When my boyfriend is gone it really feels like part of me is missing. But staying busy is the best thing. I am a freshman in college right now and am going to be transferring closer to home. Being with family is what i need most while he is gone. It always helps to exercise, listen to music, plan things for when he is home! always get me excited :) We love having our skype and phone dates at nighttime which always gets me through those long days. Just keep doing what your doing and it will all be worth it!