Thinkin What If..

Lately one of my ex's has been talkin to me again, and it's been harmless... But he asked me what if me and my current boyfriend break up, and I miss out on something or someone here? My boyfriend is in afganistan and its been a rough patch for a lil while now, cuz even when he comes home, he will be on the other side of the country.... And he's based there until his enlistment is over in 2 years... I'm not sayin I wanna leave him or anything like that and I would NEVER cheat on him.. I'm just thinking what if we do break up and all this lonely time and depressing feeling of not being able to be with anyone while everyone else is happy and in there significant others...I'm depressed, and lonely, my boyfriend gets mad when he hears story's of hangin out with my guy friends... Most of my friends are guys, and when I go to tell him what I've been up to, he gets mad if I say it's hangin with this guy or this guy... And it's ****** me off to be completely honest, cuz I don't want to go over his head and do it any way... But I just don't know if this is a step up from the last guy, a step sideways or a step down... I'm just sitting here doubting my relationship and idk what to do.... :( and no one gets it or understands.. I wish some one did...
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Don't doubt try to stay focused on being positive!! Also you can't miss out on something or someone you never had so why focus on that? Think about what is most important to you right now. The future is near but not right now. Also think of what your ex said vise versa meaning you miss out on your husband (boyfriend) because you're trying to explore for right now instead of being patient for the future.I've been there before. Even When you are so sure but you still have people in your ear to cause that little bit of doubt...IJS think about what you really want & never let others be your influence!!