Army Girlfriend Looking For Advice And Friendships

Hi I'm Devan! 19 years old and in love with a soldier. My boyfriend is currently stationed in fort Campbell, Kentucky. Not many of my friends understand how hard it is and I wish I had someone to vent to! I am going crazy! Although, I do wish J was with me all the time I am more than proud of him and wouldn't change a thing. Our relationship is only going to get stronger. If any of you have boyfriends or husbands at fort Campbell, let me know:) it would be nice to make a few connections and hopefully chat with some of you. Hope you all are staying strong. :)
ArmyGf143xo ArmyGf143xo
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

My boyfriend is at fort Campbell :) more like was, because he's in Afghanistan right now, but when he comes home, that's where he'll be.