Ait Problems

Things between me and my soldier were great when he was in BCT. He was always so busy so when he got to talk to me on Sundays I could hear how much he missed me in his voice. Now that he has been in AIT we have had more arguements then we have had in our whole 10 months of being in a realtionship. He barely texts me sometimes because he is hanging out with his roomates. And the worst thing is those females. Those thristy females at his AIT. smh He takes pictures with them and talks to numerous ones. Like he texts some of them which isnt fair because he deleted all of the male contacts out of my phone. Ive seen some of their conversations on twitter and they clearly flirt with him. This one girl even told me "your boyfriend thinks im pretty" even though he said he didnt say it. On top of all that he got drunk last weekend and someone told on him and for a while he didnt know his punishment but he just now found out that he just got extra cleaning hours.(btw he never drinks) And all he wants to talk about is sex and he gets upset when i dont want to. I just dont know what to do about it anymore, Its like idk who he is anymore and its starting to make me question our relationship because its not the man I fell in love with. Any advice?
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omg yeah those ******* :( , same here , my boyfriend is in AIT now , and he seems to have change :( he's always busy , even weekends :/ whit his " battle buddies" , and this battle buddy girl , that he is always talking about , like wtf :( I hope everything will be fine , i will see him in two weeks more finally !!!

Aww girly sorry you guys are having problems....You said that he got drunk one night...but he usually never drinks. do you think that maybe he is stressed out about something and is just handling it the wrong way? does he say that everything is going good with his AIT? when you guys are talking ask him how his day was if he says "fine" and you can tell in his voice that is wasnt "fine" ask him what wrong...or joke around and say something like "you sure dont sound fine...who pissed my baby off so I come kick some ***" lol he may laugh & still say it was fine..but hey @least u made him chuckle lol... if he still says nothing and he dont want to talk about it then just give him space..dont pound him with question if he wants to just sit on the phone then let him.(it works for me lol).about the sex situation yea im sure all our guys are sexually frustrated just as much as we are but I see how constantly talking about it could get annoying...have u told him it bothers you? maybe try telling him that he makes you feel as if your relationship with him is really only based on sex not saying that it is of course but just try to let him know it doesnt make you feel good constantly talking about it.....maybe once he gets home soon he will be better and relaxed.

we had a big talk last night and he sees that he's causing alot of stress in our relationship, he understands where im coming from. im not sure still how to feel about the whole texting situation but i dont wanna argue with him every day. he says the distance is really causing tension so when he comes home it will be fine hopefully.

Thats good....we dont have long girl this week is coming to an end & we will only have 2 weeks left! && Lord knows i cant wait! lool

where is he at ? I feel like every time you post something , i am going trough the same think lol

I feel exactly where you are coming from. My boyfriend was acting really distant especially in the beginning of AIT. He would barely text me if he did it would be responses like "k" "idk" "wyd"..but, yet could be on facebook talking about "watching a movie wish I had someone to watch it with". I really thought about giving up because the way he was acting was really making me irrate! But, alot of people told me to just give him his space that he is just trying to adjust to everything. So, I've given him his space and things seem to be better. But, the whole girls from AIT flirting with him...they don't do it where I can see it so, I'm not sure if they are. I would tell your boyfriend how you feel and see what his response is.

Oh jeez this makes me worried when my bf goes to ait...