A Promise Ring Or Engagement Ring In The Near Future? (:

So, yesterday I was texting my boyfriend and he sends this text "ey sumone just asked me what was ur finger ring size. were talking about fingers." I told him how I didn't know what it was but, I will find out. So, I get off work and text him "I'm about to find out my ring size but, who wants to know anyways?" He says, " we were talking about our gf's fingers and finger size and i noticed that my *** dnt even know urs so i asked so i remember for whenever i decide to make that step"....hmmmmm very interesting..lol.
Kandaslr91 Kandaslr91
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

guys are such faiiilllsss!! lmao!! nice subtle! that is soo cute!

haaa right..what group of guys sit around and talk about the size of their g/f fingers?

every guy in the world :P that was a good one.

Lol my boyfriend isn't that cute, ahaha he just came out & asked my ring size & said he was getting me a ring lol he's so not the cheesy type at all!! He even told me when he got the ring!

My boyfriend did that to me before he left and I have a promise ring now. Lol we're talking about marriage now, but that's always exciting!