I'm Moving Out.

I moved down South in April to be with my love and it was the best decision I've ever made. Our time together was amazing, perfectly imperfect, simple, and filled with love.

Our 1 year anniversary would be NYE and I'm sitting here in early December looking for a place to live, alone.

Everything was great, we talked about marriage and a future together and then the Army decided one year in Korea was not enough and he is now going for two - reporting in June.   Everything changed. He became distant, wouldn't touch me, avoided home, stopped kissing me, stopped telling me he loved and was just different.

I've been reaching out to people and have been assured this detachment is normal and that although its tough, if I felt capable I needed to just do my best to show him I loved him and was there for him no matter what.  There were good days and bad days and lots of in between days.

Long story short-ish....  today was the real turning point and I'm moving out.  I know that he loves and I know that I love him but he feels he can't ask me to wait around and put my life on hold for two years and I know that regardless of my wants and dreams with him, I need to prepare myself for the possibility that things won't work out.  

On a bad day I had decided I would move to the city and start a new life there without him but ultimately I am moving there to create a new place for myself so I can focus on building my career, fulfilling my educational goals, and continuing with my weight loss goals BUT with every hope and intention that in two years he will join me there until we decide what to do or where to go.

Looking for other people who have separated for a PCS or deployment and have made it work.  I need reassurance that this can be done.

LoveSam LoveSam
26-30, F
Dec 5, 2012