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This young man is not my boyfriend anymore. I guess you could call us high school sweethearts who had a falling out. Out of the past three years, we only did not talk with each other on a regular basis for about two months. He and I are still very close, and I miss him like crazy. Now he's only got two weeks left in Basic, but I already worry. I know I can't say anything in comparison to the ladies who's brave and loving posts I have read, who have been through so much more. I just wonder what the communication is like? Does it depend on where he is stationed? Once he goes to his second and third sets of training (for Ranger and para-trooping) is he allowed to have more phone calls? If I'm just a friend, or girlfriend, will I be notified if something happens to him?
Squidlette Squidlette
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Communication depends on what he's doing, if he has time and if he's allowed to. It also depends on if he has enough energy because it takes a lot out of them. As for being notified, those types of calls go to family. So if you want to stay updated, just talk to his family