Can You Do This?

Do you ever think that you can't just handle all of this? That you may not cut out to be a military girlfriend or wife? I have been thinking a lot about the future and I have began to think if I can really handle not talking to him or seeing him for long periods of time. I love him, but I dont know if I am willing to be alone at numerous times in my life or even raise a family one day on my own.

Am I a terrible person to think that? Am I selfish??
MrsAllen119 MrsAllen119
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

i feel the exact same way right now. my bf has been gone since august. we talk all the time now that hes out of basic but it actually makes me hurt more knowing that i can hear him but not touch him. its hard. it keeps getting harder. but long story short.. i feel the same way

im sorry :/ it will get better..and if it is meant to be it will all work out

it fine. don't say sorry :) i know things will get better eventually. hopefully.. thanks :) hope all is well with you and your soldier :) we have a very hard job to deal with but taking things one at a time helps.

Your not wrong...I feel the same way ALOT fact me and my soldier just had this discussion the other day when we were talking about future deployments...I HATE the thought of a deployment...I have not experienced one yet because he is in AIT so i have awhile before I face my fear......But you have to think, how do you think he feel? he to has to be aways from his wife/gf....cant see his kids...AND have to risk his you & his kids NEVER seeing him again....we cant make them be strong for both of us all the time..we have to be strong for ourselfs...if you love him do you really think it's going to be any better leaving him? my soldier once told me "stay strong for him, so he can strong for us" and thats what i've held on to! Just hang in there girly TRUST ME when i say THEY NEED US! HE NEEDS YOU!!

Thanks. I have just been thinking about things lately. I need to figure out things now. Thank you though : )