Its Been So Long Sense He Has Been Home.. Is It Gonna Be The Same!!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 yeas i have known him for 4 years he has been in the Army for little over a year. I feel like most of are relationship has been spent away from eachother. neither of us being perfect in the relationship with him being gone all the time but we have made it threw bad times. he spent 6 months gone for his bootcamp and his schooling. short after he was stationed half way across the u.s from me a few months after being stationed he got his deployment orders... scraed half to death we started off good for the first few months of his almost year long deployment he came home on leave just 3 months after deployment we spent every minute together like it was are last.. but he wasnt the same man i sent off.. we broke up a few months after we went back.. with the constant arguing as any relationship does but unlike others we didnt get to do it face to face and hold one another after a serious arguement all we had was space on space and we were both tired of it..eventually we split for a few months which isnt unnormal for us as we are a couple that is on and off which i blame mainly on the space between us dont get me wrong when he comes home on leave we are beyond inseprable... a few months before he came home we started talking again and are better then ever. he is now back in the u.s and is only weeks away from having leave to come home to me and his family... my only worry is he isnt gonna be anything like the man i sent off! im scared were not gonna still have that same connection... im scared about alot of things with him coming home. am i the only one that has had these same homecoming jittters?
southernbell52 southernbell52
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012