Help Me Please. Switching bases, Deployment, What Next?

what is going on??! Nothing positive is going through my head right now. i dealt with basic and for some reason i thought that i would be okay after that. but news fash!! im not. Maybe im being wayy to selfish? i mean i get to talk to him everyday, we share pictures, calls, etc. that should make me feel complete shouldnt it? well not really. dont get me wrong i love that we get to talk everyday and stuff.. buttt i just want to touch him, and feel his presence. i thought things were going ok till he lost his airborne contract and switched bases. to make things worse hes for sure deploying soon. like reallllyyy soon. he says that hes requesting leave soon but he gave me a range of 8 days. 8 days to share him with his family, his friends, and try to squeeze some "us" into. im nervous and thinking like this makes me feel like a bad person. what do i do?? this will be our first deployment and honestly i never say this but..... im SCARED!!! terrified actually. someone help please.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Just take it one day at a time..close your eyes and take a deep breath..try and spend as much time talking to him and seeing him. I never been through a deployment..yet, any how..but, alot of girls I know who are going through one now..just say stay positive, supportive, strong..and keep your self busy.

thank you so much :) im trying. today i completely flipped out on him and he made me feel worse by being completely nice and talking with me through it all. hes being a big help and he says im doing the same for him. im really trying to stay positive... again thank you

oh no problem (: If you ever need anybody to talk to just message me.

Thank you so much :) if you ever wanna talk message me also sweetheart