Future Wife Or No??

why is he soo confusing? so we were talking about deployment ( coming very soon) he comes out of no where and says " one day i hope and want you to be Mrs._______." i replied with that would be nice and i hope so too one day. so he goes" will you wait for me? well if i were to pre-ask you to be my wife what would you say?" i said "yes ofcourse im waiting now so why not. i love you" etc. etc. etc. what in the heck does that mean? " if i pre-asked you to be my wife what do you say?huhhhh
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Maybe ask you without actually giving you a ring..or maybe just giving you a promise ring..hmm Idk.

these guys -.- he has me banging my head against the wall.. i dont even know what to do with him anymore lol

haha right I know how you feel