I wrote earlier about my tough decision - but I don't see it anymore, but whatever.
Anyways, I was confused about moving and schooling and such when my fiance and I get married.
Well, I've made up my mind . . . kind of.
All I know is that I will be moving across the country to North Carolina at the beginning of summer. SCARY!
I am trying to find online universities where I can finish my two years of schooling with (any suggestions?). If that doesn't work, I can transfer to Fayetteville State Univ., but from reviews, I'm not sure how good the school is. But the important part? I WILL BE WITH HIM !
We won't be able to get a place on base due to the waiting lists and us not being married until right before we will be moving. But I'm already looking at places to rent, maybe buy, around Fayetteville. I've already decided that one day when he's at work I'm going to go to the shelter and get a dog and surprise him :) I know he'll love that.
I feel an immense calm now that I know what I am doing, which is weird because the school thing is kind of stressing. Also, I have high anxiety so the whole moving to a new place should be freaking me out.
I am just happy that we will be able to be together. Deployment is tough - I'm not going to be away from him when he's in the states !
PLUS he is super excited lately now that he knows I will be moving after we are married (:
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

fort bragg right? do you know how long the waiting list is? my love will be stationed there in February

all I know is that the wait list for on base housing it too long for us to get in. We will be moving their around May and are getting an off base rental.

do you know if they will put you on the waiting list if ur not married but plan on getting married?

I do not know a lot . . . but according to my fiance we cannot get onto the waiting list until we get our housing budget. We don't get that until we are married.

You'll love South Carolina :) it's beautiful and a great place! Best wishes <3