So my boyfriend has really turned his attitude and perspective around on things.
My bestfriend doesn't see this. But I don't always share what he tells me with her. I try, but she just brushes it off. Saying it's just temporary, he'll change back soon enough.
It really hurts me that she thinks this.
Also, just because her boyfriend is National Guard and Infantry, he is better than my boyfriend who is Medic.
Umm.. what?
I hate when he makes jokes or acts like her boyfriend is so much better. Honestly, it's been bothering me so much I haven't spent too much time with her.

Yes, two years ago my boyfriend was a complete jerk to my bestfriend. But i've heard the story. If she hadn't done what she had done, she wouldn't hate him right now. It's really stupid.

I feel like at some point it's going to come down between my boyfriend and my bestfriend. I don't know want to do that. Nor would I know how to go about it.

I just really hope they can see the change in him and accept him before things spiral out of control.
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My boyfriend has changed a lot too. It's like after he graduated Basic, a part of him was lost. So I'm here to talk to if you ever need help with that. Also, I know it's hard to let friends go, but a true best friend won't make you feel like your boyfriend is inferior to hers. So as much as you still want her around, your true friends will stick with you. If you really want to be with your boyfriend and I believe that you do, then as a friend, she should accept that and just be happy that you're happy. I hope she comes around for you. I'm here to talk whenever and if ever you want/ need to.

just hang in there, Im here if you need to talk.