What Should I Do?

so last night me and my friends went out to the club and today I got a call from Ryan and he was asking me what i did yesterday so i told him i went out the the club with the girls and he got mad i ask him why he was mad and he said that one of his friends girlfriend cheated on him with a guy she meet at a club.
i don't want him to be mad but i am going to go to the club because i am just 20 and in college
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I know where you're coming from. My boyfriend found out I hung out with some friends from High School (I'm in college now) and said something to me about it when he got his 30 min phone call. If you haven't done anything wrong then there is no reason for him to be mad. It's tough to be long distance but if it's going to work you both need to trust each other.

i was at a party and i was drunk and my boyfriend was upset with me, he thinks cause i was drunk i wasnt aware of my actions. now if u were sober i dont see the problem