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Hey everyone, I've read a few post on here and thought I might add one myself since I diffiantly need a support system. My solider and I have been together only a short time and our relationship is fixing to take its first roller coaster. I've never been with a military man and never thought I would but I couldn't be more happy to have given this one a chance. We have fallen so fast for each other and it may seem strange to some people (family on both sides) but it feels like we have been together for years. I'm not really sure how to describe this amazing feeling and incredible bond we have with each other. I really do wish I could put it into words for some people but I can't find words great enough to express it. So moving along lol cuz I could talk about how much I love him forever...he will be deployed to Afghanistan in January. Since I'm new to the Army lifestyle I don't really know what to expect. Im feeling all these emotions that everytime I think about it just brings tears to my eyes. To name a few...I'm terrified, sad and confused. I want to protect him. He is truly the love of my life and I know I am a strong woman so I know I can handle this but I don't know how else to decribe it besides I'm terrified. Well because I am only his girlfriend at this point I'm confused on how I will know what's going on with him while he's gone. I lose my breath if the most horrible thought crosses my mind (him not coming home) but how will I know anything? Don't get me wrong my solider is GREAT with explaining anything that I may ask and supporting me and he makes me feel so much better when I get upset and scared. I know for a fact this deployment hasn't hit me fully yet and probably won't until I have to watch him walk away. Any insight on pretty much anything you can think of would be great so I don't have to throw 50 million questions at him about deployment with the little time we have left and I'm sure everyone here already knows that even tho he doesn't deploy until January I don't really have him until then. So any input or just anything would be great. I'm going to need a support system that knows exactly how I feel because if you haven't lived it then you can't understand. With Army Love,
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I'm Jennifer and we have a similar story I didn't really think I would ever be a army girlfriend but I feel in love with a solider, he deployed almost a month ago to Afganistan. Yes I agree with the previous poster the time change is hard to adjust but letting him know you love and are proud of home daily is worth it. My solider and I have I only been dating about 9 months, the weeks before he leave besure to spend the time with him and ask your questions that only he can answer, hopefully that will bring you peace while he is gone. I also reliay on my faith I know he will be coming back to me and our relationship will be stronger when he is back. Also be sure to not try to do too much (i think we wanted ti experience so much to have the memories that maybe it put too mich pressure) before he leaves sometimes its nice just to be able to remember the times you spent relaxing with one another. Remember no news is good news and if your in a situation like mine lots of times the dates in the army change you just got roll with it. Also he is not able to call much but we can IM and its hard but I try to understand. :) I always say to him it's 9 months not 9 years! I try to be as positive as I can, I understand a strong women I am one myself just make sure you have people to lean on. We are in this together - let me know if you want or need too talk. From one army girlfriend newbie to another, we can navigate and shares experiences together.

I'm going to stay strong and I have great faith so I know The Lord will bring him home safe and sound. Thank you for the little tips like no new is good news cuz I really don't want to be left in the dark. I wish I could have him home for the few weeks we get left but unfortunately it's only been confirmed that we get 6 days so that's not a lot of time to over do it but I will try not too. I'm praying the time goes by sooo fast after deployment. He is everything to me...a great man, good father to not only his kids but mine, so sweet and passionate, he's my best friend. Army Love

I felt the same way when my solider was leaving for Afghanistan i felt every emotion under the sun!! I found that showing him how strong you can be for him makes it easier on them im not saying hide your emotion what im saying is let him know you will listen if he need to talk.. or talk if he just wants to listen! Be prepared to try an skype at all times those are the most special times for me! There up at all differently crazy hours because of there shifts and the time change! Its never easy i had many sleepless nights and tearfull days but as long as you are supportive evrything will be okay and everyday you get to let him no how.much he means to you!! Im here for you if you need anyone to talk to!! I understand what your gojng threw my solider just got home from there!!!

Thanks so much for your response and support. Just feeling like I'm not completely alone makes all the difference. I have been strong and positive for him and I will continue to do so. Thanks again for the support and feel free to throw anything else at me. Army Love

Your welcome i know what you mean! It feels great that someone else understands what your going through!! Ill be here anytime you need! Im new to this page and still figuring it all out but i will keep intouch and always be here to talk or listen!!

Thanks so much!