Tonight's One Of Those Nights..

Tonight's one of those nights were you just can't help but to cry. I know I get to see my soldier soon but it's really hard being away from him. I get to talk to him daily, which I know I'm lucky for that but sometimes I think it's harder since its only for a brief amount of time and I can't see him. If that makes any sense. Sorry, I just had to vent :/ 12/09/2012 I have a feeling that I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight. I don't know why it seems the nights have been getting worse even though I got the chance to talk to my soldier. I don't know what to do but try and be strong for my soldier.
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these nights for me are coming more often even though my girlfriend should be home sometime in January. She's currently in Afghanistan. It's always darkest before the dawn...I keep telling her that this is NOT forever and now I'm finding I have to tell myself the same thing more often. We're stronger than we really know. You can do this =)

I know exactly what you mean. It's just hard especially with the holidays too

Ugh I'm right there with you Mama! I've struggled with Christmas for years, I don't know why - I mean before I even met my girlfriend. This year will definitely be the hardest. I joke with my co-workers and tell them I'm cancelling Christmas this year but really I'm not laughing on the heart shatters every moment but I can't tell anyone. The only thing that keeps me going is her and knowing she's missing out on so much more than I am. Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself I think of her and what she's going through and it helps give me the strength to support her and keep moving onward.

Yeah I know what you mean. Looking to my boyfriend helps me out. I'm trying to be strong for him so he doesn't have to worry. Having a significant other in the military isn't easy. But it is worth sticking by their side and being there for them.

It definitely is! I know my girlfriend definitely deserves that much and so much more. I'm so proud of her. They'll be home soon! I can't wait!

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Last night was that way for me too... Is your bf in Afghanistan as well?

No, he's in AIT currently

I think people who don't have loved ones in the military can underestimate how difficult training is on the troops and their loved ones... Separation sucks, no matter what the difference, and there's that same lack of control, you're in another world feeling with both. When my bf was at ranger school it was almost harder, at times downright harder, to handle than this deployments been so far. I hope you're holding up ok :)

Thanks! I feel it is harder right now. I miss him so much right now