Update..!!!!! Venting........

sooo me and my soldier finally got to talk yesterday after not hearing from him for over 24 hours.. i told him how i was feeling.. that i felt like someone else has caught his eye and that i was getting pushed on the back burner because he was constatly not talking to me and lying...which i caught him plenty of more lies.. today i found another picture on facebook of him and the same girl!! they seem way to friendly with eachother in the picture!! it makes me sick because he told me that im crazy and im making **** up in my head... well let me lay this out for every one... supposely this is one of his battle buddies sister.. supposely he has been stay with this battle buddie sense he has been home from afghanitstan.... over the weekend he could barely speak to me but now that he is in some class he text text wayyy to me and act as if nothing is wrong!! the stuff she is writing on his facebook is more then obvious that something is going on!! so why does he need to lie to me about it.... ohhhh i know because he feels a certain way because i was the one listening to him cry about the **** he was seeing over there i was the one who would get on skype at 2 ..3 in the morning i was the one that sent him care packages!!!! not this broad.... me!!! im beyond hurt and upset im in tears!!!! ive called his cousin he has become one of my best friends over the years and is very close with him and he wouldnt say anything fearing it would get "my" soldier in trouble....well hello he is already there!!!! it makes me sick to my stomach they say the army turns boys in to men well they missed one!!!!! sorry if this makes anyone upset but im just beyond hurt and upset right now and this is where i come to vent out my anger and hurt!!! its the worst feeling in the worl finding out your suspections were true!!! Now im not sure if im gonna be around to work this one out!!!! im sure he is just gonna have more excuses like he always has!!! im just beyond feed up at this point in time my heart cant take anymore hurt from him... this just might be my last straw/:
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I know he might get mad, but have you ever thought of messaging that girl? If he won't talk, may be someone else will

Im way ahead of you(: lol

You where to good for him anyways.