Thinking Its The End Of Our Road Together

More and more lately I have been seeing that my boyfriend is the kind of guy I don't want to be with.. And I kinda feel in love with who I thought he was, when his true colors r starting to show... I spend more time hurt, sad and depressed than happy and amazing as I used to feel... He says I'm everything he has always wanted and he has loved me for years.. Well if this is how he treats the girl he has always wanted and always loved then I don't want to be the girl.. I just don't know what to do.. I'm in the worst possible situation.. I need help from one of you girls, please if uve been in this kinda situation with your man and worked things out or with an ex and didn't work it out.. Please give me some kind of advice.. Please :'(
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It's been 18 days now and still no word from him. I am actually getting very worried and scared at this point. I feel so alone and no one to talk to. I hardly sleep and it's hard for me to eat,losing weight fast,not a bad thing i guess.But would rather lose it knowing he is ok. It's the not knowing that is killing me.I miss him so damn much my heart hurts. I truly am trying to stay strong but failing miserably :(

Well it's day 11 and no word from him as of yet. I am so sick to my stomach,can't eat or sleep well at all. I am totally consumed with thoughts of him...... :(

Oh my I'm so sorry to hear that!! I've never gone longer than 7 but at the begining of his deployment we weren't datin yet but we were close to it, and a missin had him busy for 2 weeks and 4 days.. So missions can overwhelm them and be longer than normal missions.. I will continue to have you and your man in my thoughts and prayers

Thanks we can sure use all the prayers we can get right now. I am actually scared to death and really stressed the hell out. Still no word from him. He usually gets in contact with me every 3 to 4 days,but this is 5 and at midnight it will be day 6 :(

Have you heard from him yet?? I've been prayin and thinking bout this! I sure hope you have..

Honey all you can do is turn over and put it in Gods in him and all good will come.

I did just that, and yesterday we spent a total of about 3 hours on Skype.. It was like 4 times in one day.. And before that I hadn't seen him in a year.. It was crazy how just seein him once was the most amazing thing that's happen to me.. Talkin to him, laughing with him and seeing him, makin funny faces like we use to before he left.. I forgot how happy he can make me when we don't have that extra stress on top.. The magic touch between us hasn't been lost.. It was amazing to feel it again..

Oh i am so happy for you ...I did pray for you ,my man and myself. I have not heard from my Alex in 5 day's :(

Well I wil return the favor and pray for him and you :)! I hope you hear from him soon! I know how scary and stressful it is when u don't hear from ur man! <3 prays heading your way!

So for the third this year, my boyfriend broke up with me. In fact he broke up with me yesterday and he's deployed right now. He said he didn't have time for a girlfriend. Then tonight I got a Skype contact request so I accepted it. It ended up being him. He said he was so sorry for what he had done and that he made a big mistake and he asked me to take him back. At this point, everyone around me hates him, but I still love him. The army changed who he was. He used to be cute. But then he went through basic and that disappeared. And now that he has me back, he's being overly cute and I'm not sure that I like it. In fact, it's a little scary, I'm not even sure if it's him anymore. But I gave him another chance. Mostly because I know he's under a lot of stress over there. So my boyfriend did change, but we're finding ways to work around it. And in some ways, it's bringing us closer. In your case however, if you really don't like the way you're being treated, then get out. I know you love him, but if he doesn't give you the respect that you deserve, then he doesn't deserve you. I know it's hard. Sometimes I feel as if I should listen to my own advice. I mean i love my boyfriend, but when do I stop giving him chances? Anyways, if at the end of it all, you've talked about it but you still aren't happy, then find someone else. Be the one that got away.

That sounds really stressful on you.. The Breakin up and gettin back together..
We talked things out and things got a million times better...
But I see the tryin too hard thing with him too lol..