A Question For The G/fs Whose Boyfriend Has Already Graduated From Ait

So, my boyfriend told me the other night that after he graduates from AIT he is staying an extra two weeks for training for his MOS. He said something about being on lock down during those two weeks. Does anybody know exactly what that means?
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My boyfriend was in the field for a week they arnt supposed to bring their phones but Aaron Did he said he couldn't go that long without talking to me. Last friday aaron past his last test and is qualified in his mos he starts out processing tommorow and graduates on monday which is when he comes home. Ive never heard of staying after graduation because they cant graduate ait until they are qualified in their mos just like they wouldnt let them graduate basic and make them stay at basic for more training. My boyfriend and i both come from military families and ive never heard of a lock down after graduation

It's extra training that he has to do but, I don't know.

lock down is basically no contact, no nothing. those 2 weeks are hell.

Ohhh my goodness...I had to go two weeks without talking to him back in August when he was in basic..I was a mess.

Oh :/

My bf has not graduated..but the last two weeks of his training he has to go to the fields for those whole 2 weeks which mean no communication what so ever...since he says lockdown im assuming its pretty much the samething...but again my bf has not graduated yet soooo who knows i could be wrong