Always Darkest Before The Dawn

So my girlfriend is at the tail end of her 2nd tour of duty (8 months into a 9 month deployment) and she has just been assigned as an es.cort for one of her soldier's who's being sent home. She could be gone anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks. Long story short, her team has dwindled down to pretty much her and a Pfc. which obviously has made it that much more difficult to successfully complete the mission and the work to be done before the replacements arrive next week-ish. She wasn't the best candidate for being an es.cort as she's now the only person left that can really do her job but they sent her anyway. This deployment has been nothing but poor leadership, drama, and lack of balls, to be honest, in doing their job and getting home. Needless to say, my girlfriend is at her wits end with this whole 'mess' but is pushing through nonetheless.

I guess my question is, has anyone else's soldier had to be an es.cort during deployment and if so, what was their experience? Did it prolong their deployment, how long did it take to get back to camp, etc...?


I'm so incredibly proud of my baby - she's an amazing soldier and phenomenal leader, but I grow increasingly worried about her because of the stress and pressure that's only building. She's very forward, logical, and cognizant but at the same time she has her moments (more often than not) of she'll be there forever. I know there's a whole new battle to fight once she gets home with transitioning back into civility but I can't help but thinking that once she is home then we can start on the 'road to recovery', if you will. I have no doubt that this transition is going to be harder than her last. I just want her home...I need to do more for her than give her care packages and my words of love and encouragement.
Petalouda1312 Petalouda1312
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Dec 10, 2012