It's Official!!

Soooo, it's official. My soldier will be home soon for Christmas Exodus and will return to his OSUT station a married man. He says that he is BEYOND nervous, but that he'd been telling everyone around him that 9 times out of 10, he'd get married during the holiday break. I'm so excited and cannot wait to see him first, and foremost. His mother and mine have been helping me get everything in order while he is away so that he doesn't have to stress about the plans (although he is upset that he can't help out with it more). I'm so proud of the man that he has become, and I cannot wait to settle down with him. Just a year more (for me to finish my college career) and then I will be reunited with him to live our happily ever after! Life is good right now. I'm seriously on a high. Thank God for allowing me to marry a man that prays for me, encourages me, spoils me, laughs with me, believes in me, and loves me. I'm so blessed.
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

That's wonderful! An early congrats :-)

ok your about to make me cry soo sweet, congrads!