Still Not Happy About It

Technically I'm a wife but I'm still not used to being that. Sometimes I feel more like a girlfriend that a wife sadly. My name's Lina, I'm 17 years old and married Trevor over the summer. We're about to have our first child together, Adriana. Her due date's the 26th but I feel like I'm going to pop any moment now....I haven't really known Trevor that long, we got married too quickly probably and we definitely weren't ready to have a child. Its been a rough six months. We live with my twin sister and her boyfriend in a tiny apartment, also with their daughter, and I know Trevor feels like hes letting us (me and Adriana) down somehow. He works 2 jobs, in the evening and at night, and I work and go to school during the day so we don't see each other and we still feel like were barely scraping by.

So two months ago or so, maybe two and a half, Trevor basically came home and was like I'm enlisting in the military and that's my decision and it's what's best and I'm the man of the house etc etc....and I was so upset with him. He hadn't officially signed anything yet but he'd made his decision without me. And it hurt and I tried to talk him out of it but basically it came down to I could either leave him or support I guess I chose support him.

He leaves in March for Basic Training, late March. I feel like its really unfair. I dont know what hes gotten me into and its not really something I wanted. Trevors gonna be a good soldier I can see him being a soldier but I dont know if Ill be a good military I dont really know what to expect. So if anyone has any advice I will be happy to take it....
LinaAndLovey LinaAndLovey
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012