12-13-12....our Day...a Letter To Him

Today, even though almost 1,400 miles away we celebrate love. Our Love. we celebrate happiness, we celebrate overcoming any obstacles that came our way, we celebrate staying strong for one another and we celebrate doing it for a whole year. Though God is my King you are my prince and you have treated me as your little princess constantly. You have remained humbled and patience with me and my bitchy ways I tend to have, and showed me that I can be loved without the fear of being hurt. You have showed me that I can trust again..YOU HAVE TAUGHT ME TO LOVE WITHOUT FEAR! I can't thank God enough for bringing you into my life you have been such a blessing. I never expected us to be celebrating any type of Anniversary, But Apparently God showed me who's the boss (lol) I can only Pray to have life lasting love with you...you are no doubt A MAN a STRONG MAN! and as MY MAN I respect you to the fullest and would never ever do anything that would jeopardize our togetherness...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...YOU MEAN WAY MORE THAN A LITTLE BIT TO ME...This here my Love, does not even show half of the love and appreciation I have for you. I can write on forever but it will still do no justice..Basically all I am saying is THANK YOU! Thank you for EVERYTHING...THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME THE WAY I DESERVE!!!!! These tears are defiantly tears of JOY && HAPPINESS

(as the saying) You have most defiantly stole my heart && for revenge I would love to steal your last name<3

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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

This is so sweet!!! Congrats on the anniversary!!! it is also me and bf year anniversary :-)

Thanks &amp;&amp; CONGRATS TO U TOO!!!