Any Girlfriends Need A Confidence Boost?!? Watch This

Your man needs you
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Thank you so much for posting this. It was just what I needed to keep going. What a wonderful speech. :)

Really, he has a good point. The only wives who look down on the girlfriends are the same ones that do nothing but gossip about the other wives too. Most military wives are just normal women who don't feel one way or another about the girlfriends (except occasionally bad for them because they don't get the benefits of being a wife). One of my best friends on base is a girlfriend of my husband's friend and we share the same comraderie as I do with any of the wives. It is a little different although I think having kids and not having kids with the man is a larger divide (nothing like having to keep yourself together while comforting your kids to make you feel self righteous I guess) but those women, the ones he talks about, cause trouble for everyone *sigh*

i know..but this guys videos always makes me feel better when you need that extra boost cause being a military gf is Tough work

I know...I was agreeing with him. Just saying, most military wives aren't line that ;) and its tough for us too

oh i know my aunt is an army wife and idk how she does it when my uncle goes away. its more the fact that girlfriends dont get recognized most of the time