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I've been an army girlfriend since 12/31/12, great way to start of the year eh?! I am incredibly happy and thankful! Its amaizing how 5days can already feel like years. Not only is he my boyfriend he has become my bestfriend. Its funny how quickly you can fall for someone. Yet alone its funny how you can know someone for so many years yet never really talked to them to that extent, I am so glad it happened. My feelings grow more for him eachday. My army man Everyday that passes is a day closer till the day ill see him and finally hug and kiss him. The start of my love story with my soldier.
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I am an Army girlfriend as of 12/25/2012 and I know exactly how you feel. I am falling madly in love with my soldier and can't wait til he comes home in three months. Do you ever feel worried when you don't hear from your soldier?

Well ive been able to talk to him almost all day and every hour since we started dating, hes been doing alot of 24hr staff duty! But I am 100% sure when its time ill be very worried. Hang in there :) 3 months will fly. My boyfriend wont be coming till June :(

I am new as well to being an army girlfriend and I love my solider so much he is the thought on my mind every second. He has been a good friend for a while big he is so much more than that now. He and I share the same values on life and everything I couldn't stand it if he were to be deployed I would write him a letter everyday.