Best 20 Minutes Of My Week

My boyfriend is in basic training at Fort Benning, but he hasn't been shipped down-range yet, so he is just kinda hanging out and keeping busy with fireguard duty and cleaning the baracks. But he has been able to call me twice since thursday and I love every second of it. Whenever my phone rings my heart jumps because I know it is him. It is so incredible to hear his voice, even for just a couple of minutes! I've never valued time with him so much :) He sounds so healthy and happy that its becoming hard to be upset because I am so happy for him. Thursday he will start his real training, so I'm sure the worse has yet to come, but with each day that goes by, I feel more ready for the hard times. I was actually able to talk to my parents today about wanting to work as a civilian physical therapist on a base, and mention my future in the military with him, and they took it shockingly well...They agreed on all the good points I pointed out! I can hardly believe it, but I'm thrilled!
TaylorMarcella TaylorMarcella
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013