I Need Some Advice And Some People Who Understand

My boyfriend and I have been together on and off for 3 years going on 4 he has my heart I love him so much he just left for bootcamp 4 days ago a lot of my friends and family always tell me be faithful don't cheat and I'm definitely not going to I love him so much I would never its not in me well I got the first phone call to tell me he made it there safe and everything and that he loves me and misses me and ever since then haven't spoke to him I write him everyday I'm just waiting for his address. I really want to be closer to him mom while he's gone but I don't know how to do that and I don't know if its something he would want me to do or not but yeah I miss him so much the first day I just broke down and all I could do was cry these other days I've had little moments but not as bad as the first day. I miss him so much already im starting back school on the 14th im in college so that will keep me a little busy but when can I expect for him to send me a letter or call me ? How did any of you girls get through this ? Is it true that this will make us closer and stronger ?
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write write write. best advice and just write about everyday things if you cant think of anything. like well my nail broke today but that was the worse thing. so now i have to fix it and ugh why do nails have to be so stupid. just be honest and keep him updated on your life. even the little stuff since that is what they need. and i would try to be with his mom more. if she is getting his stuff you want to be able to hear about it. my boyfriends mother got his info and i had to go to her for info on family day and graduation and leave dates and all kinds of things that was in the package she got. so unless there is a big reason why he would not want you becoming semi friends with her i suggest doing it. it might ease his mind to know that his family also supports you because that is a big thing that they worry about is how much support your getting while he is away. good luck and if you need any help let me know.

You will get his address about 2 and a half to 3 weeks after he has been at bootcamp..they only send out one letter and it usually goes to the guardian of him unless he say other wise...so if he has it sent to his mom you will have to get it from her and that can be a foot in the store to getting close with her.....ok..I know people say STAY BUSY and that is true..... BUT regardless your honey your going to have some nights where you just break down...i mean half of you just left...of course your going to feel extremely empty sometimes...DO NOT GET ME WRONG do stay very busy it makes time go by so much faster, but again you will have your days of total bitchyness lol..its an emotional rollercoaster...some days you feel like you handle it oor get used to it and others your going to feel like its to much..BUT dont let your emotions at the moment make a permanent decision. trust me when i tell you they really RELY on us alot for support. your letters will be his motivation and key to keep from snapping on someone and/or going crazy lool....so send lots and lots of letters they enjoy mail...my soldier got so much mail from me his sergeants used to pick on him and say stuff like "OH PVT. V SHE WROTE IN PURPLE TODAY" lol but he didnt care...ANYWHO last but not least YES YES YES absence really dose make the heart grow fonder!!!! you have no choice but to be strong..you learn to cherish every moment yall spend together...OHH AND LAST LOL some guys come out pretty distant after bootcamp...if this does happen give him time..he's used to being yelled most of the time and doing everything by the book...he may be a lil tensed up so dont take it personal. <3...It will go by fast hun and trust me you'll get thru it..it really does go by pretty fast....wishing him the best of luck..&& stay strong hun = )

I've written about 4 letters already and he's still in processing lol but today he called we talked for two whole hours I was so happy didn't expect for him to have his phone for so long so basically everything that I wrote him in those letters we talked about on the phone so idk if I should still send them ? Lol oh and about the distant thing when he comes home he said he'll be home for 10 days but he only wants to stay home for 5 of those days :((( so idk how am I supposed to deal with that if he's gonna be distant ? But yeah thank you so much you pretty much summed everything up for me :)

Ok thanks A LOT again :D