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My boyfriend Stephen and I met in the first grade and we never thought that we would end up where we are now! He is a triplet (there are 2 boys and 1 girl). We were all friends when we were younger, them being some of my best friends as a child. After a few years due to family problems, they moved away and we lost touch. Just a few years ago we all reconnected through the internet and we have been inseperable ever since! We do have a long distance relationship because he lives an hour away from where we grew up (where I still live) and it is even further from where I go to college. So far, we have been dating about a year and a half<3

So his childhood family issues followed him into his adulthood and he just moved in with me recently and we plan on getting married in the future, but we are trying to wait as long as possible because I still have a couple years of college left and we are still young. He is actually leaving in a couple days for Fort Benning in Georgia and I am freaking out! I bought him some stationary and stamps for christmas but I know that he won't really be able to write much. I have family that has gone through the airforce so I know what that branch is like during basic and things like that, but every type is a little different and I do not know what to expect exactly, and I have heard so many stories about how strict Fort Benning is!

He is such an amazing and strong guy, both physically and mentally. He is my rock and in return I am his. We have been through so much together and I cannot imagine my life without him. Not only is he my boyfriend, but he is my bestfriend as well:) I know there is such a long road ahead of me, but I am so proud of him and I just want all of this to be over so it can be my time to see him again after 5 months lol
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What day did your sit arrive at benning? Mine got there jan 24th ..

he got there jan 7th, on our anniversary! lol :(

I dont even know when hes supposed to graduate, hes still in reception, I dont know his company yet either. :(


saweb1 . leonards . com/Military ActivityPhotos/ ActivityPhotos . aspx?cn=8 ...remove spacing

I have seen this already, but I have not found my soldier in any of them:( do you know if the graduation dates are accurate? or how often they update it?

Also, ladies there is a great ft benning basic training fb, and company fbs and a site of pics of your sits (soldier in training) ill post a link for pics

I have seen one of the websites, but I have not found my soldier in any of the pictures and I do not know what company he is in yet and I do not have his address yet. Could you post the link? it might be different than the one I looked at...

Hi, I have a very similar situation. I knew my soldier when we were kids, he was older though 2 years. Last year I ran into him at a bar, im 24 hes 27. It was immediate.We were perfect for one another. I have two children he adores, in fact the night he left he said kiss the kids for me. Jan 9th we said I love you for the first time and he left jan 22nd for ft benning for basic. Im a wreck. He called me last night and we were able to talk for 5 mins, I cried like a baby. I miss him so much. So, I understand. Even writing this brings tears to my eyes.

yeah, the beginning is the worst! and waiting to hear from him next is really hard too...not knowing is rough. I miss him so much and I just want to know what he is doing and stuff like that! lol And that is SO CUTE that he said to kiss the kids for him! adorable&lt;3

This is a little crazy because my story is very similar. I was best friends with my current boyfriend all through elementary school. He moved 4 hours away after 6th grade and we lost touch. Six years later over the internet we began talking again. I went to go see him and next thing we knew we were dating. We were long distance from the start, then I went to college and then he went to basic in early 2010. We have been dating for about 2.5 years now and he is currently deployed (should be home within a month... FINALLY!) It will be a year and about a week when I get to see him from the last time we were together before deployment! My boyfriend started out as a cav scout and then changed to a dog handler right before deployment. We had a rocky start to deployment but then things got a lot better and it's been way down hill lately. I'm now struggling with what to do and how to handle that. I just thought it was ironic how similar our stories are, I wish you guys well!

that is so crazy!!!! and thanks girl&lt;3 and I am still kind of worried about us being apart because we had problems before because he didn't know if he wanted a gf while he was deployed and all of that because he didn't want to have something left behind for him to worry about. sometimes i still worry that he might feel that way again now that we are apart even though he said he felt completely different after we worked though it and he said that he felt better and then things were amazing again, but without his reassurance, thats where my doubts come in because it was just a few months ago when we had problems, and even though we worked through them, I still have a fear about it....sorry for this being so long!

If he says that he feels better and you guys are good, just believe it! Unless he is giving you a reason not to believe that, try not to over-think it! All you can do is be supportive

thanks girl! and thats what I need to do, I just think too much sometimes, I just don't want to lose him!

cav scouts are amazing!!!!!!!!! and you will do fine. just write lots and think of that amazing feeling you will get when you see him again in his dashing uniform and how that lovely second first kiss will go. thats one thing i love about the army is that you have so many first kisses and each one is better than the last. the cav, scouts if that is what your bf is going into are an amazing group of men who are so hard working and dedicated to there work. my bf is one and he was the second to last group to be at fort knox before they switched to benning but the group keeps you informed after the first couple of months with all kind of fun pics and updates. so youll be fine and if you need anything just ask

thanks so much girl! and yeah, he is a cav scout:) I am so proud of him, and he is so good at everything he does, but I still can't help but be nervous and worried for him! lol He is super excited about everything that he has to do....he is so weird, he loves getting pushed to the max and doing pushups and all that stuff so I know that he is probably loving every minute of it, even if he is getting yelled at. I just want to get his address already! haha I have these letters but no where to send them!

lol i know how you feel. i had 10 letters to mail to him when i got his address. and the greatest thing is he kept every single letter and card i wrote to him. my boyfriend when he signed up left mid jan so he missed out on a lot of holidays and birthdays but he still remembered. but just some advice only send cards for like valentines stuff in a white envelope because they do get teased about that and no candy whats so ever. just the bare essentials. and wait until he tells you that he can have pictures sent. i know when my boyfriend went it was like 3 months until he could have pics sent to him. but just write him and let him know the good the bad the amazing and the **** that is going on in your life so he still feels apart of your life. i think that is why me and him flourished while he was away was because i didn't leave anything out, including when i was so down with missing him i didn't get out of bed. but you'll do fine and you always have your sisters here to help.

yeah, I have had some of my cousins go through the airforce bmt and I learned how strict they are about what they get sent, so I make sure that I do everything as plain as possible. I bought my boyfriend stationary for Christmas and I went through all the different kinds in Hallmark thinking to myself, which ones would he get made fun of for? And I was looking for a good 20minutes to make sure I got the plainest ones (they all had something on them). And that is something that I am struggling with a bit, because there have been some bad things happening back home and I didn't know if I should talk about it because I don't want him to feel burdened or down about anything if its not strictly family related so it isnt NEED to know...so idk how much to tell him and what to omit

oh i would tell him everything. I told my boyfriend everything even the stuff that was that was bad that had nothing to do with him because it had to do with me and that is what he wants to know. he wants to stay in your life so the best thing for you to do is just be honest and say hey i know that this has nothing to do with you but its making me mad or its effecting me and i just want to vent to you since you are the closest person to me and i feel safe doing that. he will think more of you and itll keep your relationship strong.

alright, I just worry because I don't want to stress him out a lot, but I've been keeping a list of all the things that have been going on so that way I can tell him later on haha

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My boyfriend JUST got to Fort Benning! Him and I are also in a long distance relationship, but trust me, if you feel this strongly about him, you will be able to stay strong and make it through :) It's the hard times that truly test the strength of a relationship and you two sound like you'll have it made :) Who knows...maybe our boys will meet up down there :)

MAYBE! :) what day did he get there? and what is his MOS? And I am really lucky to have him, he is great and he gave me a promise ring for Christmas, he go down on one knee and everything (even though it wasn't an engagement ring lol) but I am just so happy to have him in my life even though he isn't going to be around for 5 months

He got there Thursday night. He is going to be a cavalry scout. Mine gave me one too! In the end the distance doesn't matter as long as the love is there :) it's so worth the wait.

mine is a cav scout too! they got there so close together but they probably won't be in the same group? I guess that my bf is in the next sweep? lol but being the same MOS they will probs cross paths!

What's his name? Ill ask mine (jarred) next time I talk and see if they've crossed paths :D they may end up going to school together!

private wilson his first name is stephen, but i know they usually go by last names haha

Well mine is private Bresnahan if you get to asking him first! Haha :) that would be really cool, shows how much of a small world it is huh?

yeah def! haha but im happy for that though because hen I have someone to talk to that is going through the same exact thing at the same time

Me too! Message me anytime! I'd be happy to talk to someone who can truly relate haha


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This is so cute! I am so happy for you and follow your dreams! It helped me so much, just keep going to college and if you want get married during college and rent a house and both of you can l I've close to your college(: Just stay strong sweetheart and remember you two are both under the same moon and stars. If you ever need anything just let me know! I am going through the same thing! Don't worry, he will be ok!

yeah, I still have to get used to being alone, it is such a weird transition lol