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Well, what can I say? Im an army girlfriend. Its my first time being with someone in the army, and I never imagined myself having the strength to do it. My boyfriend Just left to Fort Benning a few days ago and Im a little sad. We've been dating for a month now and although its been a very short relationship Ive managed to fall in love with the person he is. He's such an amazing guy and I promised I would wait for him. He will be gone for 8 weeks and Im having a hard time talking to my friends or family about the situation because Im scared there going to think its unimportant due to the fact that we just started the relationship. Im very happy with him, and I felt all these overwhelming emotions right before he left. I cant compare to what other girlfriends have been thru since this is my very first relationship with an army guy.. but everyone started somewhere.I want to be there for him 100 percent and show him that just cause hes away Im not going to give up on us. Ive managed to write him 3 letters since hes been gone, all explaining how wonderful he is and of course how much I miss him. Right before he left he said he loved me and he got teary eyed on skype.. I've honestly never felt like this before. And I wish he didnt have to be gone so long, I only got to see him once before he left but that one time is what has me here today. I wanna take this time to show my appreciation for all the other army girlfriends out there. You girls truely are amazing, for being soo supportive and loving the men that fight for us everyday.! And a big thank you for there service.
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He just called me!:D and we talked and he reasurred me that he wants to be with me. He said he wants to get me a promise ring untill he proposes. Hes soo wonderful.. Thank you all. It means a lot<3

my boyfriend went to benning for bct left and now is going back for airborne school. dont worry! he wont lose interest. especially if ya'll are "new". since ya'll are new and you're still there with him while he's doing what hes doing shows him you are going to be there always!! so somethings work in your advantage. welcome and good luck sweetheart

Thank you all! I guess my biggest fear is he'll lose interest in me due to the fact that we just started dating and were so far apart ):

My boyfriend went to Fort Benning for BCT too! :) It's so tough, but it's totally worth it, trust me. Maybe my story I just posted will help haha. Just stay connected, write as often as possible, and let him know you support him. Try to go to Family Day, it is so amazing to be waiting for your man while they do the ceremony and your heart is pounding, waiting for that moment that they are released to you. It's amazing. Keep strong!

My boyfriend just left for Fort Benning today! I know exactly how you feel. I just feel kind of helpless because no one else really understands how I feel and what I am going through. It requires a special kind of strength to date someone that is in the military because not only do they have to be strong to do their job, but we need to be strong for ourselves to be supportive for them, even when we feel lost. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half now but when we first started talking, I fell for him really fast and hard and he said he felt the same way, so I know how you feel!

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months now, and he just left a few days ago for fort benning also!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have fallen so hard and fast for him, and I can honestly say that he is the one for me. He even wants to get engaged when he gets back from basic...which in his case isn't for another 16 weeks. Keep up the support for him, it means the world to them, and we are what makes them push through the hard times! :)

Are you me? My boyfriend just left on Tuesday for Fort Benning, we've been dating for almost 4 months now and we fell so hard and fast its insane! People think I'm crazy cause I've already said I wanna marry him and he's the one cause for years I was always the girl who never wanted to get married or any of it... now I'm in love with someone whose in the military, go figure. Anyways, I have about 16 weeks until he graduates too... should be getting my first letter this week. its amazing that when you truly love someone you really just know!! :)

Gosh you sound JUST LIKE ME except me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 4 years now but he's left for boot camp 5 days ago or so Ft Bennington also just keep writing him letters and support him be there for him stand behind him 100% no matter how hard it gets if you need to talk or anything you could always message me on here I'm open to talk

Thank you so much! (:

You're so welcome