My boyfriend of 2 years has been gone for almost a week now at ft sill Oklahoma for basic training. Beginning with letters.. Some say send out a letter Mondays and Thursday because they make them to push-ups for every letter and with all their other letters it gets annoying. some say everyday..what's ur thoughts on that? And how do I communicate to him that I need more reassurance of our relationship. I don't know if I'm being difficult or jus fearing the worst but I need more than I love you and miss you. I want that long letter or message explaining his feelings towards me in depth. Am I bein unrealistic?

Thanks in advance!
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When my fiancé was at fort sill for bct I sent him a letter or two a day. He didn't have to do any push-ups or any other kind of work out to receive his letters. Letters really do make the soldiers day so much better so I'd write as much as you could!

Trust me... it doesn't matter what day they get the letters, they will ALWAYS have to do some form of a workout to get it haha. My boyfriend had to hold a "V" situp position until every last piece of mail was handed out, even if they weren't getting anything that day. My boyfriend always said it was completely worth it, so I'd imagine your boyfriend will feel the same. My boyfriend said the more letters, the better.

My boyfriend is at Fort Sill as well. I send letters almost every day if not every other day. It takes about four days for me to get his letters but about a week for him to get mine. My boyfriend didn't say anything about having to do push ups for his letters haha. I'm sure he would of if he had to because I have sent a million letters the whole time he has been there. My boyfriends said that the letters really help him get through things when he feels like giving up so keep sending them! I actually just sent a letter to my soldier saying in need reassurence in our relationship, just say it straight up ha. But don't expect him to poor his heart out in a letter or when he gets back. They don't have much time to write letters when they are there. (my boyfriend often writes me letters in the dark and it's hard to read haha) Also, it's hard for them to express too many feelings when they are constantly getting yelled at and put down, so don't take it personal if he is not as lovey dovey as he used to be for a while (my soldier came home for christmas and he wasn't as lovey dovey but he told me it's because he is used to being put down) so just stay strong and support him as much as you can. It's not easy since you can't talk to them right away but you can do it. If you need anyone to talk to feel free to message me. My boyfriend is at fort sill as well, he graduates in two weeks so I understand what you're going though!

I agree. If he wants to communicate with you then he will want your letters and will do as many push ups as he is assigned. It's just basic training, he is always safe, never worry about that. Keep yourself busy and counting down the days really helped me.(:

I would send a letter as often as you want :) If they have to do pushups, I'm sure he can't think of a better reason and would love to hear from you. Its hard to say, if your boyfriend hasn't normally been the overly "romantic" type, then I wouldn't expect too much differently while hes away. Even if he is normally romantic and verbal about he feelings towards you, it's harder for guys to put those sort of feelings down in writing. If you two have been together for 2 years, then I'm sure you know how much he loves and cares about you on every level. Yes, it's wonderful to hear it, but just because he may not say it doesn't mean it isn't there- he may just say in far and few between so that it doesn't lose its special meaning. Hang in there!!