Without My Husband For Our Baby Boys Birth!

My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan, as a United States Infantryman. We have been bestfriends for 4 years, and two years ago he asked me to be his one and only. He has been in Afghanistan for only four months, but he is gone for a whole year. I am currently carrying his child, and he's a heathly baby boy. The worst part is, my husband won't be here to see his birth. I've sent him the ultrasound pictures and the progress of my belly and he is so excited to meet him. I wait 3 weeks for a letter, and I get maybe one phone call a month. It's hard and stressful knowing he's heading into war at the front line, and that he won't be here to see our son Brantlee born. I love and miss my solider. And my favorite saying is one that he shared with me when we found out I was pregnant and he was being deployed.
"Behind every strong man, there's an even stronger woman."
USArmyWifeInfantryDivision USArmyWifeInfantryDivision
Jan 7, 2013