Called His Ex During Bct!

Soo i just found out that my boyfriend called his ex during basic. If you have seen my past stories you would know that i have had issues with herbefore. in the past. (before he left she wanted to hang out with him...without me) so this is bothering me because in my mind,im thinking why isthis girl so important to you that you have to call her? Apprently it was the one time i missed his call. but bottom line is we both agreed to not talk to our exes. and he broke that rule. and im not sure how to let this roll off my back . Your views?
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I personally wouldn't be okay with that. If you agreed to not talk to your ex's then it is not okay that he broke that agreement and called her. I would put your foot down and stand up for yourself because if you don't it's going to just keep happening and he is going to think that it is okay (talking from experience) But good luck with it. Talk it through :) I hope you can work things out.

This happened with my boyfriend but him and his ex are supposedly "bestfriends" the first call home he called his mom then he called me and his brother and he called her after I didn't answer and I was soooo angry because I felt like she's not really important to call I asked him why he called her he said he was bored and I didn't answer and he needed someone to talk to because he felt left out since other people were having their phone conversations but the next call home he only called his mom and me which is how it's supposed to be lol but I missed his call the first time I was sleeping I asked why didn't he call her since i didnt answer again he said that he missed me and wanted to talk to me as long as he could and friends don't really matter too much right now so I was very grateful to hear that if you didn't answer he probably felt lonely and wanted to talk to someone else so basically try to answer those calls girly ! I know that you're more important than the ex girl because he's calling you first I would be upset but remember that you're his girl and she is not and again try your best To get to those calls

My best friend had the same issue. Her boyfriend of one year went to basic and called his ex because my friend missed his call. When he called again she asked him about it and he said he wanted to talk to someone other then his parents and she missed his call so his ex was the only number he remembered, she understood. He recently came home and they have never been more in love. So if you missed his phone call maybe he wanted to talk to someone other then his parents and her number was the only one he remembered or wrote down when he left.. I wouldn't worry about it and I wouldn't bring it up to him if he calls again, he's already in a lot of stress with workouts and classes. If he wanted to be with her he would have told you by now. Just keep your head up and stay strong for him, thats all you can do until he comes home.(: