Need Some Prayers

So this isn't exactly Army or relationship related, but for those of you who pray I could use a few. If any of yall read my previous story I got engaged New Years day. Of course I was on a high being so excited about it all then this past Friday I got some bad news. Earlier in December I had gotten a needle biopsy done on a decent sized nodule I found on my throat and got the results back and it turns out it's cancer. (Not exactly what you want to hear the week you get engaged and 2 days after my fiance left.) I'm having surgery in a week to get it removed and half my thyroid and I should be fine after all is said and done, but it's still nerve wracking. I'm trying to figure out when we can get married based on his AIT graduation, if he can come home or I have to fly to TX or if we can have a nicer wedding later in the yr here at home with friends/family if he's in the states, and now worrying about this surgery... it's just stressing me out. It's stressful not having my love here too to make me feel better or stay at the hospital this week. Luckily my boss told me to take all the time off I needed to recover so I don't have to worry about that, but still..the idea of slicing my neck open is not appealing lol. Blah. I just keep telling myself it will all turn out ok 8|
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

first im sorry to hear about the cancer and i know your boyfriend is probably so worried about you. and second for the wedding i would see weather you can go down there or if he comes up here and get a marriage license. see if you can get one or start the process in both places and when he is done with his ait than have a small close family wedding. which should be less stressful but that way your s/o can be there to help with big wedding and than hopefully you get less stressed.

may God bless you sweetheart! you are def. in my prayers!

Praying for you. Hang in there. And good luck with your surgery. Get back on here after its done so we know you're doing better

I am definitely praying for you. I hope everything goes well and you are cancer free when your surgery is over. My mothers friend had almost the exact same thing and had her thyroid removed and is happy, healthy, and had 2 daughters afterwards! Just keep in mind that these doctors are professionals, you are in great hands, and you are doing the nescessary steps to be healthy right away. You'll be just fine. :)