I Have A Question About My Fiancé First Duty Station

My question exactly how long does he have to wait to get leave again? I know since he took the two weeks of block leave it means he has to go straight to his duty station which is in Ft. Bliss TX :( I just want to know how long I'm going have to wait to see him again.
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most of the time (at least with my boyfriend) is if you move down there get close to the ba<x>se as possible. second find a job. and get a life for yourself. and yes technically he cant live off of ba<x>se but he can stay off ba<x>se. he wont receive bah but if he does good with getting to work on time and doing his best while working and staying out of trouble he can stay with you. that's what my boyfriend does

Ok thank u :)

Well I just had this talk with my soldier an hoe his love is exactly like mine since I work for the government. He says he accumulates so much every pay period which then adds up. It jut depends on how much your soldier has leave saved up. And if your soldier does have the leave days then it's just requesting the time of and awaiting for approval. Sometime getti leave isn't tht bs but alot of times depending on field trainings and what not it can be some what of a pain. We are at Ft. Bliss. I you need anything message me.

Leave**** not love excuse the typos damn iPhones are a pain!!!!! Sorry

lol I know what you mean my I have an Iphone myself. But, I know eventually hopefully I'm moving down there. But, I just need to look for a job and an apartment since he can't live off base unless he is married which is a pain.

Well living is fairly reasonable here. I know some single soldier after time in can apply for bah to live off post but that's after some time in and sometimes they arnt granted but sometimes are

Oh ok well hopefully he can but, we will find out.

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