Horrible Army Gf Over Here >.

i feel like im the worst gf ever. we really havent been the same since our break up next day together episode. yes we did break up for 2 days then he called saying he couldnt do it without me and how he wanted me back. he said that he'd never hurt me and blah blah blah but he did. now its like i all of a sudden have trust issues with him and im unsure of "us". i know that hes a good man but am i good enough? ive been really mean to him and i feel bad but its a way to protect myself from him hurting me again. i dont even know what to do. i feel like he used to see me as "wifey" status ( in the future of course im still technically underage) and now he just has me there. thats how im feeling. i dont feel like im on top of the world anymore. i love him but does he really love me enough to not let me go.. AGAIN. what in the heck am i getting myself into?? helppppp
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What happened to cause you to break up? The current situation with the army?.. Don't ever think that your not good enough for him. He asked for you back so he sounds like he loves you to pieces .. Keep your chin up.. I know i Cant give much advice because i am new to this but dont give up on him if you truly love him

um he came home for a few days and i wasn't able to see him till new years eve ( the day before he left). The problem is our age difference. i dont have as much freedom as he does so that takes a huge toll on our relationship. thank you for the advice :)

Hey love is love !! If you love him try to work things out. The most I can tell you is to have a serious conversation with him when its possible. If he called you 2days later that means that he really does love and cannot be with out you. Now if the trust issut is serious then that is a problem. I personally take honesty serious, the moment someone takes advantage of that and I no longer trust them, the relationship dies. In no relationshp should you ever question wantong to be @ith someon. I recomend you to talk to him, tell him how you feel and from there baby step your way into w.e the final decision turns out to be
Btw you are not a horrible gf, we all go through this at some point. Its never perfect

thank you so much:) this really has helped! seriously thank you

Your welcome :)