A Tag For Him

My boyfriend recently gave me his tags. Well me wanting to do something for him in return when he heads off to drill ... Taking his tags with him, I had a tag made that says ilytiabaiw and then love Chelsea (me) well for you ilytiabaiw is just some numbers to us it. Means I love you time infinity and beyond and I win. This some how became our thing when we have I love you more fights. I know he hasn't seen it yet but I know when he notices it there he is going to be one happy man . I am going to miss him so much while he is gone.
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Where did you get the special tags from? My boyfriend and I have something similiar..MCDXXXIV.

I got mine from a website called mydogtags.com. You pick the style and pick what they say. I think they cost maybe $13 at most, $16 including shipping. The ones I gave my bf said \'I found something interesting so I decided to keep it. I believe it\'s your heart so if you keep mine, I\'ll keep yours.\'

They can get more than one set of tags. They are considered equipment so they take longer for them get another set but it isn't against the rules for them to give their girls their tags. I'll be getting my boyfriend's tags when he gets to his duty station. He has a set of personalized tags from me.

That is a real cute idea... wish I would have thought about that before my boyfriend deployed. I have his tags that hang on my bed.

I didnt even know they could give their tags to their girls even when they were home... but that is honestly the cutest thing i have ever heard! ever!!! i wish i was that cute!!

You are so sweet and creative for.that#

How does that all work? I know that so many guys give their woman their tags, so do they have 2 pairs? When do they get them? I am kind of confused because I thought they used them...lol

My boyfriend uses his. He is in the reserves so when he is home and not at drill or anything then they get put safely around my neck. I am getting a chain for the tag I made him so while Ihave his he has something from me.

ohhh okay, and thats really cute! and I really like that whole thing with the letters, its adorable! <3